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48 Hours in San Diego

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I lieu of this week’s WEEKLY post, I’m going to be sharing our San Diego itinerary, considering that experience took up much of my week.

It’s no secret that I am OBSESSED with San Diego. It reminds me of Texas, but in Southern California. The people are much more relaxed than in LA, the Gaslamp area is lively at night ( even during the week ), & the little beach towns are clean AND aren’t overcrowded. If I could live in San Diego & flourish career-wise as I do in LA,  I would do it in a heartbeat.

Until then, I’ll just visit ALL THE TIME.

Our little group for our San Diego trip included myself, Kristen ( as per usual ), Mina, Jami, Lexi, & Melissa.

Okay, so here’s how we spent about 48 hours in San Diego.

Day 1

10:00 AM: leave for San Diego
Kristen & I decided to drive to San Diego this go-around, but we’ve discussed using either the Amtrak or the Tesloop for future trips. Both provide quick transportation to SD ( & elsewhere ) WITH wifi on-board. We’re definitely planning to use one of those services for our next trip.

1:30 PM: arrive at Hard Rock San Diego
We checked into our suite at the Hard Rock, located at one end of the Gaslamp district. The Hard Rock is in the perfect location. We were able to talk to nearly everything we wanted to do as far as food/drinks/going out.

3:30 PM: sailing with San Diego Sailing Tours
We had the BEST AFTERNOON drinking wine & sailing with San Diego Sailing Tours ( say that 10x fast, lol ). Our captain put up with us being late, wanting to stop for food before, & taking 1 million photos in 10 different outfits each. People in San Diego are just CHILLERS. I’m obsessed.

9 PM: dinner at Nobu
We had a FEAST at Nobu in the Hard Rock San Diego on Tuesday night. We ordered SO many delicious plates, but my favorite were the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño & the Crispy Rice Yellowfin Tuna ( always a classic ). The skinny margaritas were also bomb ( LOL @ me, drinking a skinny margarita with any kind of meal ).

Day 2

10 AM: massages at the Hard Rock San Diego spa
We headed to the spa on Wednesday morning for massages & some chill time. Because I’m an anxiety-ridden freak ( it’s better if I joke about it ), I shortened my massage time to 25 minutes from the original 50, because massages occasionally induce panic attacks in my case. YEAH. A MASSAGE. It’d be nice to just chill for like 1 sec. Does this happen to anyone else?

1:30 PM: lunch at Cafe 21
Kristen & I walked to meet up with the girls of the Neon Rose Agency, led by my friend/manager-of-sorts, Erin. We discussed lots of work stuff over the BEST MEAL EVER. I highly recommend stopping by Cafe 21 if you’re in the area. Order the Mezze board & a sandwich/salad. So bomb.

3:30 pM: relax by the pool
While the other girls were shooting & working, Kristen & I moved our office out by the pool. We answered e-mails but IN THE SUN, so it was kind of like a break. Kind of.

6 PM: drinks + dinner at Upper East Bar
Veuve happy hour, anyone?? Upper East Bar has a Veuve happy hour every Wednesday evening, so we were in ATTENDANCE. Front & center. This rooftop bar has games like shuffleboard & corn hole ( literally hate that it’s called corn hole ) & the vibe is super-relaxed. I had a number of skinny margaritas & ate french fries, chips + guac, & the steak frites. Sometimes you just gotta do the damn thing, ya know?

9 PM: Trailer Park After Dark+ the bar scene
We went to Trailer Park After Dark, a themed underground bar, later Wednesday night. This set-up was EXACTLY what we were looking for. We wanted to go to somewhere themed/fun for a few drinks & some convo, but we didn’t want to stay out super late. YOU HAVE TO GO if you’re in San Diego. It’s something to see/take pictures of, at the very least. They have actual trailers in the bar, the barstools are made of old shopping carts, the light pendants are various weird objects, the music is great, they play WWE on the TVs. You get it. It was reminiscent of the part of my childhood I spent living in the panhandle of Florida*, LOL.

*I love you, Florida.

Day 3 ( ish )

11:30 AM: depart downtown San Diego
We checked out of our hotel on Thursday morning, saying bye to the peace & calm that is San Diego to head back to LA.

12 PM: lunch in Del Mar
We stopped in Del Mar for lunch, one of my favorite areas of SD. I’m all for a beach-town vibe. We ate at the cutest restaurant ( Americana Restaurant ) with the nicest staff of all time. They also had coffee ice cubes for ices coffee ( so it doesn’t get watered down ) + juice selections under $10 ( we’re not in LA anymore ). I wanted to stay in Del Mar forever, TBH.

3 PM: return to LA
kill me now.*

*jk, love you LA.

So that’s it for our mid-week San Diego trip! One of my favorite things about blogging is that it allows me to do things like this ( because I get bored SO easily ) while I’m working. Living the dream.

I’ll definitely be heading back to San Diego soon, so leave any recommendations you have in the comments for next time! Y’all are always the most helpful.

I’m headed to Newport for 4th of July festivities tomorrow. Should I do this type of post for Newport next week? LMK.

Talk soon, xx

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  • Deb B
    07 . 07 . 2018

    You missed the bars and restaurants of PB (Pacific Beach). It’s the young, hip, beach-y place to, as well as La Jolla.