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4th of July Swimsuit Round-Up

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Happy Saturday, beebs!

I don’t usually post on Saturdays, because I know y’all have lives & are busy living them on the weekends. That being said, I felt I NEEDED to get this 4th-of-July-inspired swimsuit round-up up ASAP, so everyone has enough time to order their IDEAL suit for America’s birthday.

BTW– if you’re just in the mood to shop swaggy swimsuits in general, you can see my full summer swimsuit guide here.

So, depending on if you’re spending 4th of July by the beach, by the pool, or in your backyard, there’s a suit in this round-up for you. I’ve only linked styles from Revolve, Nordstrom, & Urban Outfitters, because I trust those three retailers to get your packages to you quickly.

That quick shipping tho.

4th of July Swimsuit Boutique

You like???

How are y’all celebrating the 4th this year? I know the fact that it’s on a Wednesday is quite a bummer ( though, not for me, because I don’t have a real-person job. I mean, here I am, typing away on my computer on a Friday night at 11:45pm. idk. )

I’m headed to Newport with my ( very elusive ) boyf & crew to hang for the week. Maybe y’all will catch a glimpse of him on my Instagram story? Maybe. Perhaps. Probably not. It depends on how much tequila I have.

Y’all KNOW that me acknowledging that he exists on H+H/social media is a big step for me, so give me a second to get used to that. I’m over here sweating. LOL.

If you want more of the details on how I style my swimsuits & WHAT accessories I’m loving to spice up your swim life, click here to see the full post on that.

Besides my skinny margarita recipe, what tequila-based cocktail should I be sipping this year? I need suggestions! I like my cocktails simple & skinny, BUT I also don’t want to taste the alcohol. Help!

Talk soon, beebs. x