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I’m Lurving… A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sup Doods. So, I thought I’d go ahead and start posting about a few of my favorite things every once in awhile. Honestly, all I’ve done in the past two days is go to class, online shop, and meticulously organize every inch of my pantry. So, this is what I’ve bought and/or seen recently that make me one happy gal [not pictured: my PERFECT pantry].

my bed1. My freaking amaze-balls Yves Saint Laurent Canvas from Gilt and my badass handmade blanket purchased on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas. Okay, serious talk: If you are a girl, and you don’t know what Gilt is… you are wrong. This website hosts daily “events” where members can purchase designer goods ranging in prices from vintage Louis Vuitton bags to cheaper Steve Madden sandals. Prices are marked up to 80% off, and membership is FREE. So… if you don’t go join right now, then.. well, yer weird.

photo 2-1_Fotor

2. Stop. Drop everything you are doing right meow. Go to your nearest H-E-B [if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area] and buy this Organic Green Tea with Lemonade. This stuff is the best thing that has happened to boring old green tea. It contains more sugar than I would like, but it doesn’t house any  fake sweeteners [get away, nasty-azz chemicals: you’re tacky and I hate you]. You rock, Green tea lemonade, never change.

necklace 3. My roommate, Abbey, made me this water buffalo tooth wooden necklace. Because she’s the cooliest of them all. My other roommate, Jac, and my girl, Caroline, craft similar designs, which can be purchased on their online shop, LINETWO [Go buy their stuff if you want to look cool]. I love long necklaces like these because the length can be adjusted easily by wrapping the necklace multiple times. My OTHER roommate, Maddy, is pictured here wearing my new ice [lolz] with my Free People top. I can’t find this top anywhere online, sorry gals.

Fort Worth4. Fort Worth, TX. Being “home” [using this term lightly because I have moved like a billion times.. Air Force brat life*] made me so pumped to get back to this amazing city for summer. I mean, look at it. Ft. Worth has grown so much since my family moved there about 7 years ago. It’s the perfect mix of Country Club life, trendy bars, and Texas Country influence. If you haven’t been to “The Fort” or “Funkytown” [ya know..the names us locals use] you’re missing out. This city has a vibe all its own, and it is MOST DEFINITELY not the same as Dallas. It’s better. Way better. Just wait until summer break, and I’ll convince you myself. [Also, it wasn’t too bad to hang out with my chill AF family & friends for a couple of days.. that plug is for you Mom]

purse5. Last, but not least, I love my new Erica Anenberg Venteux Satchel [100% leather… the fake stuff just looks, well, fake as hell] in the color “Bone.” I purchased this on Hautelook.com for a fraction of the retail price [around $400]. Hautelook is another website, like Gilt, that hosts daily events that will absolutely blow your mind. Hautelook actually tends to be a little cheaper than Gilt too.. and that’s saying a lot. If you don’t check these sites daily, then I don’t think we can be friends. Just sayin’, you’re crazy. It’s a roomy purse, which will be perfect for my abroad travels this summer <<- my excuse to buy pretty much everything.

I’m going to be posting Sundays, Wednesday, and Fridays from now on.

Also, follow me on Instagram [[RamblingsOfAWildOne]],  Twitter [[ROAWildOne]] and Bloglovin for updates and shiz.

You da best.

xoxo. Payton


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