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Accessories Overhaul: To-Die-For Extras

Starting off the first of my summer posts with some badass jewelry I’ve come across recently:

www.ramblingsofawildone.com:: Accessories Overhaul Necklaces (from left to right):: Buffalo Tooth Necklace (LINETWO), Quartz Layering Necklace (LINETWO), Arrowhead Pendant (Pine Boutique), Shark tooth Necklace (Custom by LINETWO), Longhorn Pendant (No Longer Available), Tribal Bone Necklace (No Longer Available:: but so many like it on Etsy!)

www.ramblingsofawildone.com:: Jewelry OverhaulUnfortunately, I cannot provide online stores to purchase any of these rings. Starting from the left:: Sterling silver ring I bought in Cabo San Lucas (similar here), My favorite ring ever (similar here) and the last one is an antique-style ring that I bought from the Coin and Jewelry Exchange in College Station, Texas.

ROAWO:: Accessories OverhaulSo, I am absolutely in LOVE with my new hand-died leather clutch from Diane Serra Handmade!! This chick is legit. She has some amazing pieces in different price ranges. She also creates cosmetic bags, totes, and scarves. Everything is made after the order is placed.. basically: she makes you feel all special because the bag you purchase was made JUST for you. A feature/collab with Diane Serra herself is soon to come. Stay tuned..

ROAWO:: Accessories OverhaulWho thought Grandpa’s closet could be so cool? After raiding his hat stash, I found a few to borrow *steal* for myself. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to wear them, but still… I needed them, okay? One more piece of evidence that my Grandfather was/is a badass:: King of the Flat-bill.


Considering school is over and I am free of papers, tests, quizzes, etc… I can start posting on a normal schedule again. Stay tuned for some badazz things to come. Much Luv.

xox P

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