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Essential Skin Oils/Serums for Brightening & Hydrating

Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Serum Benefits with Hustle + Halcyon

Today, we’re talking about my RIDE OR DIES. When it comes to skincare, that is.

I shared my entire nighttime skincare routine with y’all here, but I wanted to further explain why I use the specific oils/serums that I do.

BTW: I’ve been using a lot of Advanced Clinicals products lately, because I love the amount of product I get for the price, and the quality of these serums is top-notch. I’ve been lucky enough to partner with Advanced Clinicals to share the post with y’all!

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Okay back to the goods.

Hustle + Halcyon's skincare routine for brighter skin: advanced clinicals hyaluronic serum

Hustle + Halcyon's skincare routine for brighter skin: advanced clinicals hyaluronic serum

Hyaluronic Serum

I’ve done a more in-depth post on this magical serum before ( you can find it here ), so I’ll keep this explanation short & sweet. YOU NEED THIS STUFF IN YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE.

Hyaluronic serum is next-level hydrating.

A lot of my skincare routine, currently, consists of taking preventative measures in terms of aging. This potent little serum is a gold medal winner in the wrinkle-prevention department.

Also, living in Southern California’s dry climate means I’m going ham on the moisturizers to keep my skin hydrated. LOL. I hate/love that phrase so much.

Vitamin C

I combine my hyaluronic serum & my vitamin C serum nightly after using a toner and before using a moisturizing cream.

Vitamin C is to brightening what hyaluronic is to moisturizing. It’s KEY.

I’ve been using Vitamin C serum to even out my skin tone & prevent wrinkles ( double-teaming them ). You can physically feel your skin tighten after applying this serum to your face.

This dynamic duo has been SO helpful for me as of late, and I’m sure some of you have seen my many snaps/insta stories talking about these two skincare musts.

I just had a reader tell me today that she started using them both not too long ago, and she is already seeing improvements in her skin! I LOVE hearing that y’all are trying & liking the things I post about on H+H. Keep the reviews comin’, babes.

Rosehip Body Oil

I learned this little rosehip oil tip via one of my favorite bloggers, The Skinny Confidentialapply a small amount of rosehip oil to your face before makeup!

Like I said, Southern California can be extra-dry, which isn’t a climate that lends itself well to a dewy, natural glow.

Before I apply makeup, I dilute a bit of rosehip oil with water & apply it to my face using a damp beauty blender. I find that this step is a crucial part of the dewy makeup look I always go for.

ESPECIALLY in the summer. Natural glow is the way to go.

Essential Skin Oils/Serums for Brightening & Hydrating

I’m telling y’all. I’ve been using these three products for a few months now, & I am OBSESSED with the results.

My skin looks & feels its absolute healthiest & best.

I get a number of questions about my skin on Instagram, so sharing posts like this with y’all is one of my favorite things. I LOVE being able to answer your questions more in-depth!

If you ever have a post suggestion, DEFINITELY feel free to reach out. I’m all ears.

Talk soon! xx

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