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Where to Score Affordable (& Cute) Things for Your Home

Where to Find Cheap & Cute Home Decor | Hustle + HalcyonHey y’all!

So, today we’re going to chat about something I’ve gotten 1-million-and-1 questions about from friends & readers: Affordable AND Cute Home Decor.

Considering I JUST moved to Los Angeles (a few months ago), and had to decorate an entire apartment without making my mother gasp in terror at the sight of her credit card bill, I’m considering myself a master at this subject. Also, I’ll have to move back to Texas in August & decorate yet another apartment on the cheap-cheap, so I’ve been researching this stuff for quite awhile (so typical that my future apartment is ALREADY planned… whoops). These are a few of my holy grail online stores where I find cute AND (mostly) cheap decor for my home (and a few little tricks for an expensive-looking pad).

1. Gilt
I know I’ve already loved on Gilt a gazzillion times, but I can’t stop. I purchased all of the above canvases on Gilt actually. Basically, Gilt is an online flash-sale site, but many of their products are available a lot longer than the ‘flash sale’ actually lasts. I LOVE their curation of art (check out their Oliver Gal selection!), rugs, furniture, and tabletop accessories. I actually just purchased these pretty string lights for my balcony and these stemless wine glasses for my bar table. This stuff is great quality for pretty low prices, and I’m absolutely addicted. If you haven’t become a member at Gilt, e-mail me (payton@hustleandhalcyon.com) to be invited with a GREAT new-member offer!

2. Target
I feel like Target is kind of underrated when it comes to pretty much everything home decor and clothing. I absolutely dig their home decor (got the bookends photographed above from Targ) and it’s pretty easy on the wallet. It’s especially amazing when they’re having a sale. Yes. Please.

3. West Elm
Okay, so this place isn’t exactly cheap, but I still wouldn’t say it’s super expensive. I prefer West Elm for decor pieces and little knick-knacks. If you’re going to “splurge” (for a college/young adult budget) a little, I also love their furniture (like this insane coffee table YAS).

Alright, I’ll admit again, this place isn’t cheap. BUT ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love pretty much everything. Leif is best for tabletop accessories and things like candles/ stationary/ art. I splurged a little on this large marble cutting board because it is SO pretty and perfect. I’m really digging their cute mugs, serving spoons/trays, coasters, and coffee spoons (which is something you don’t think you really need until you see these babies).

5. World Market
Though you can’t shop World Market online, I’m adding it to this list anyways. This is hands-down the most affordable AND cute place I have found to buy furniture, kitchen & bath wares and extras for my house. Some of the stuff is a little “eh,” but you will definitely find a few things here that you’ll “need.” Also, I’m a fan of their international/odd foods and wine sections!

6. Ikea
Duh. I bought my coffee table (which is two side tables set next to each other), desk, chair, furry rug, basic barware, & more at ikea. Basic stuff for super cheap.

7. TJMaxx 
The only problem with TJMaxx is that you really have to dig through things to find some solid stuff. It’s like Forever21. There are some really expensive-looking, well-made-looking things at TJMaxx, but you’ll have to find them. When I was younger, and my dad was in the military (aka: not the most glamorous of lifestyles), we shopped at TJMaxx ALL. THE. TIME. I have a strange love for it. Nothing beats a solid TJMaxx (there’s one in Chicago that is actually one of my favorite places ever….).

8. Do It Yourself
Don’t want to spend your life savings? DIY that shit. My sophomore year of college, I made myself a “headboard” out of foam boards, that fluffy stuff inside of stuffed animals, fabric, yardsticks, and hot glue. Seriously. And it wasn’t even horrible looking. There are plenty of DIY ideas on Pinterest (my DIY board is pretty great, if I do say so myself).

Where do y’all like to shop for your home?? OR do you have any sweet DIY tricks/tips that you can share?? I’m all ears!



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  • KG
    06 . 03 . 2015

    I’m curious to know where you found that canvas of Johnny Cash. I’ve been looking for one for months!!