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Blue Light Filter Lenses | Eliminate Headaches & Get Better Sleep

EyeBuyDirect Blue Light Cutting Lenses: RFLKT x Hustle and Halcyon


So we’re going to jump right into this one today because I’M SO PUMPED to finally write about my favorite blue light filtering lenses on H+H!

I have shared these glasses on snapchat a number of times, & everyone has been so intrigued by this whole idea. I was too, so let’s discuss.

You can read all about the ins & outs of blue light emissions here ( << SO many details & a cool study done at Harvard ), but I’ll go ahead & summarize a bit for y’all.

Basically, since the beginning of humans, human beings have lived by the light of the sun & have spent nighttime in ( mostly ) darkness. Now, through the creation of artificial light, we can spend our evenings in light as well.

This artificial light at nighttime throws off our circadian rhythm ( AKA: our internal clock ) by suppressing the secretion of melatonin ( a sleep hormone ), which causes sleep to suffer. It may also contribute to a number of other ailments like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.

EyeBuyDirect Blue Light Cutting Lenses: RFLKT x Hustle and Halcyon

Blue wavelengths, specifically, are known to boost attention, reaction times, and mood, but become detrimental to sleep when viewed at night. AKA: sitting at your computer or on your phone late at night can make it harder for you to fall asleep. DUH, okay.

As a blogger who loves to work late into the night, a serious Netflix/HBOandGo lover, & a 3 AM Pinterest fanatic, I know this to be truuuuuuu.

White light suppresses secretion of melatonin, but blue light does even more so. With so many people on the go-green, environmental-love train, we are regularly using energy-efficient lighting ( LED lights ). LED lights are great for the environment, but they emit more blue light than do fluorescent bulbs.

Also, for me, staring at a computer screen for hours makes me head start to hurt & my vision blur. Blogging is HARD WORK, amiright?

Enter: My FAV new glasses, Blue Light Filtering Lenses.

TBH, I’ve always looked super odd in glasses ( prob because my eyes are the tiniest beebus eyes ever ), but I received some glasses from EyeBuyDirect’s RFLKT line in a blogger gift bag & I actually look kind of normal in them….. Shocked.

I think these are a must for anyone who works with any type of screen at night or for long hours during the day. I’ve noticed my headaches diminish & my ability to fall asleep at a normal time improve.

Actually, I’m wearing them right now. CUTE.

EyeBuyDirect Blue Light Cutting Lenses: RFLKT x Hustle and Halcyon

So, here’s how it works. You go to the EyeBuyDirect RFLKT Website ( this link will take you to the Women’s site ) and choose your favorite frames in your favorite color. There are a number of cute options…. seriously, so hard to choose.

In these pictures, I’m wearing the PRISM Frames in Warm Tortoise. I also like the NOSTALGIA frames in Caramel & the FADE frames in Rose.

Then, you’ll customize your lenses. To get the blue light filtering lenses I have, you will choose the ‘No-RX Lens’ option when it prompts you for your prescription.

For the Lens Type, choose ‘Digital Protection,’ & for the Lens Option, I chose ‘Eyezen™.’

EyeBuyDirect Blue Light Cutting Lenses: RFLKT x Hustle and Halcyon

Image via Hustle + Halcyon on Twitter

Then, you’re done! These are a little pricier than your fav Forever21 fakey glasses, but they come with a benefit that a cheaper pair of fashion glasses won’t come with— um, keeping your health intact, duh.

Hope y’all are as obsessed with this whole idea as I am! AND, btw, EyeBuyDirect gifted me some of these babies, but this post ISN’T a paid opportunity for me. I just really, really love the idea behind this product, and I live to share these kinds of helpful tidbits with you beebs.

I’ve had a few readers snap me pictures of theirs then they arrived, so SNAP ME ( payton_sartain ) which pair you choose! Love it.

Also, if you’re liking this pink slip/choker look, you can find the full post on it here.

Talk Soon, friends! xx

Photos by Erin Wiese.

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