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Sometimes, I run across a brand that just makes me want to spend ALL of my money on clothing. As a blogger who frequently gets plenty of free product, this is saying something.

Enter: Self-Portrait.

I’ve been following this brand on social media for quite some time now, so I feel like an early-adopter, and following along on the SP’s growth as a third-party via Instagram has been really interesting. I KNEW Self-Portrait was going to be big.

During New York Fashion Week this year, Self-Portrait unveiled their SS19 collection on the runway.

I was lucky enough to wear this Self-Portrait dress ( via FarFetch, my go-to online spot for all the latest, trendy, fashion-forward brands & products! ) while I was in New York to celebrate the occasion.

I like this brand because, while the designs + quality of the clothing is on a high-end level, the prices are somewhat reasonable, meaning people like you + I can afford to feel fancy in Self-Portrait.

Obviously, wearing a brand like Self-Portrait isn’t realistic for everyday outfits for most of us, but I highly recommend this brand if you’re looking to splurge a little on dresses for special occasions ( holiday parties, birthdays, work events, school dances, etc ).

The designs are truly special themselves. From the fit to the fabric choice, everything is absolutely on-point.

If you want a statement-making, high-end-style outfit for upcoming events & occasions, Self-Portrait should be on your list of designers to stalk. The FW collection for the holidays is magical.

shop my Self-Portrait selects on FarFetch

Y’all know I’m all for affordable daytime outfits, but sometimes you gotta splurge on something special for yourself. Let’s call it self-love, shall we?

Anyone in? If any of you sport something Self-Portrait soon, PLEASE DM me your STUNNING looks! I love when y’all send me stuff like that, it makes me feel like we are besties.

Ya dig? Is that creepy? Idk?

Talk soon, beebs. xx


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