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Game-Changing Beauty Product: At-Home Brow Tint

Whaddup, Whaddup.

Today, I’m probably going to change your life… your brow life at least. This is of the utmost importance, wiener girls.

I started tinting my eyebrows a few months ago when I would go in to get my brows waxed. My brows are pretty light, & I found myself filling them in a lot, so the tinting route makes life a little easier because I don’t have to fill them in as often.

The color lasts for a few weeks, & the whole process totally changed the game for me. I really like the darker, thick brow look right now ( clearly, it’s a huge trend at the moment ).

BUT, one thing about tinting is not-so-great: brow tinting usually costs between $20-40 depending on where you live. Everything is expensive out here in LA, so salons are on the more expensive end.

I’m not sure about y’all, but I’m not trying to spend extra money on something if it isn’t really necessary.

Enter: At-Home Brow Tinting.

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My favorite brow tint kit!

So it may seem a little intimidating to do a salon-style treatment at home, but I promise it’s SO easy. I was definitely a little wary of fucking my eyebrows up at first.

I purchased this brow kit off of Amazon for around $13 & it contains product for 4 applications. I got the light brown color.

The instructions make everything very simple & clear. Basically, you’ll mix the formula & apply to your brows one at a time. I left the dye on for about 1 minute for each brow, & wiped off as instructed.  You can leave the formula on for longer if you like yours darker, or shorter if you like them lighter.

Godefroy claims the color lasts for up to 6 weeks, but I noticed mine fading after about 2-3 weeks.

This brow tint kit is DEFINITELY a beauty routine must at this point, because it’s SO cost efficient, gives me some killlla killla brows, & can be purchased from Amazon ( aka: my addiction ).

Have y’all tried brow tinting??? YAY or NAY?

Talk soon, beebs! xx


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