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What’s Up with Liquid Chlorophyll & My Magical Green Water

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL LOW-DOWN | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Hi weenie babies. (<< these get better & better)

First of all, HAPPY EASTER! The brunchiest holiday ever, so obviously I’m a fan. So, so basic, I know.

I’m currently in Athens, GA with my family for my little sister’s sporting events… typical. I’m sitting in a coffee shop, by myself ( in my don’t-even-fucking-look-at-me focus mood, headphones in, glasses on. ), living my internet life, & she is beasting it up like a total badass on the field.

Whatevs, y’all are so much cooler than sports fans, so I’m good riiiiiiiiight here.

Okay, so I wanted to share a little health tip with y’all today, because I feel like it has been a bit since I talked health & wellness.


Not to be confused with chloroform ( important distinction ).

Good ol’ Chlorophyll. Remember learning about this stuff in elementary school science class? Chlorophyll is a key part of photosynthesis in plant life ( aka: how plants absorb energy from the sun ). Any of this ringing a bell?

Chlorophyll is also BOMB for humans. I’m talking the BOMBEST.

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL LOW-DOWN | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Chlorophyll‘s Health Benefits

This stuff is pretty much detox GOLD. & y’all know I’m alllll about the detox on H+H. WebMD lists chlorophyll’s benefits to be detoxification, aiding in digestion, banishing bad breath, & wound-healing.

Chlorophyll is also said to be able to rebuild & replenish red blood cells, which can lead to an instant boost in energy. ( source )

This magic liquid is an anti-carcinogenic, as one article states:

It blocks the metabolism in the body of harmful chemicals known as procarcinogens that damage DNA. Studies published in the journals Carcinogenesis and Food and Chemical Toxicology clearly display that chlorophyll inhibits carcinogenesis – and further research showing chlorophyll as being cancer-preventative. Researchers at Oregon State University also concluded: “At…cancer rates relevant to humans, chlorophyll was strongly protective”. 

It goes on to note chlorophyll’s chelate power, which basically means it is able to bind to & remove toxic metals from the body ( mercury, for example ).

Its toxin-neutralizing ability is praised by the likes of celebrity trainer Dalton Wong ( Jennifer Lawrence’s UK trainer, NBD ), who says he recommends J. Law drink “water pumped up with liquid chlorophyll to balance and detoxify her body” to prep for red carpet events. (source)

Because of its high concentration of essential vitamins ( A, C & E ), chlorophyll is a powerful antioxidant AND it can reduce inflammation in the bod.

YES YES YES, plz. Buh-bye bloaty, puffy, redness ( ew.. I’ve never written anything so gross ).

Also ( as I’ll discuss in a sec ) chlorophyll can be used to clean skin and brighten your complexion.

I picked up this little tippity-tip from Kreation Organic ( a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles that I freaking LOVE ) when I noticed that everyone was sippin’ on cute, mint-green water.

If only College Station, TX restaurant chains gave a shit about healthy tips… but, no shits are given.

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL LOW-DOWN | www.hustleandhalcyon.com


Chlorophyll occurs naturally in dark green, leafy veggies like spinach ( contains more than any other veggie! ), parsley, green beans, brussels sprouts, etc. The darker green the veggie, the better.

OR, as celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas told Marie Claire, you can DRINK LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL.

For her clients that aren’t as into salads/veggies/green juice, she recommends they add liquid chlorophyll into their diet to supplement. Joanna says it improves complexion because “it oxygenates the skin, keeps skin clean, and works from the inside out so you see a huge difference quickly.”

I usually have one big glass of water with lemon in the morning, & I add about a teaspoon of chlorophyll to it.  This is my GREEN WATER that y’all have seen all over my snapchat! It is essentially tasteless, too, so you’ll barely even notice its there. Win.

You can purchase liquid chlorophyll online, through Amazon! I did a little research on the quality of the supplement I bought, because it would be kinda pointless to buy a shitty-quality body detoxifier… so I’ll add mine ( here ) and a few other options to the shop post slider below, and y’all take a look for yourselves!

Start by only using a few drops of chlorophyll to water during the day, & work up to about a teaspoon a day, as most research I’ve done would suggest.

Also, I’m about to buy these cute little eye-dropper/containers, so I can carry my magical power supplement when I travel or when I’m out & about. The thick green color of chlorophyll can stain your clothing/other fabrics, too, so using a little eye-dropper might be easier, though it isn’t completely necessary.

SO SO SO, what do y’all think?! Have any of you been wondering what the F I’ve been drinking/sharing on snap for the last few months??

Who’s going to try it out?

Snap me when you do, because I love seeing y’all try out things that I suggest! SNAP: PAYTON_SARTAIN. Seriously, it makes my freaking day.

Talk soon, beebus girls!



5 Responses
  • Neon
    03 . 28 . 2016

    check it out
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  • Catherine
    03 . 29 . 2016

    Love this post Payton! Def ordering this stuff asap! x

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      03 . 30 . 2016

      YAY!! I hope you’re as intrigued as I am! xx