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DIY Glitter Champagne: The Easiest Gift/Decor Idea EVER

DIY GLITTER CHAMPAGNE: The Best Gift/Decor Idea Ever | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Wassup, Wiener Girls?

Okay first off: Yesterday, I had to chance to chat with Candy 95.1 about blogging ( more specifically, my hidden-gems Guide to Bryan/College Station ) & more, and it broadcast on the radio today! If you missed it live earlier, you can listen to the whole interview ( & extra podcast ) on their website here.

That was such a cool experience, so thank y’all for having me!


I wanted to share one of my favorite DIY Gift/Holiday Decor ideas EVER with y’all.


Its so festive & creative, and you can bet that most other party-goers & such aren’t going to think of it. Also, for a college girl ( who is OF DRINKING AGE, okay people? ), nothing is better than a free bottle of champagne ( or really, any alcohol ). If it has glitter on it, I don’t even care how shitty it is.

ALSO, for a college girl, giving a gift like this is easy BECAUSE it can be cheap & everyone will still love it. Just put in a little extra time making it, and people will totally overlook that fact that you’ve given them a $6 bottle of André.  Or they’ll never know. MWUAHHAHAHA.

You gotta get creative when you’re a broke bitch.

So, this DIY involves champagne, which is the alcohol I usually choose for a friend’s b-day gift or holiday soirée, but you can obviously use any kind of bottle you want.

Before I unleash this tutorial on you: there are TWO ways that I like to make this DIY glitter champagne. One uses adhesive spray, so it’s quicker, but the glitter will be on the bottle more loosely and unsealed. The second way uses Mod Podge, which takes longer to dry & requires an extra step, but will keep the glitter on the bottle basically forever.

DIY GLITTER CHAMPAGNE: The Best Gift/Decor Idea Ever | www.hustleandhalcyon.com


♥ Bottle of Champagne
♥ Glitter of Choice
♥ Spray Adhesive OR Mod Podge

DIY GLITTER CHAMPAGNE: The Best Gift/Decor Idea Ever | www.hustleandhalcyon.com


♥ Spray Adhesive on Bottle ( or Spread Mod Podge on Bottle )
♥ Apply Glitter to Bottle
♥ Repeat Process until Desired Coverage
if you’re using Mod Podge: sponge Mod Podge on top of glitter to seal, and let dry ( it will go on white and dry clear so don’t worry if it looks weird at first! )

DIY GLITTER CHAMPAGNE: The Best Gift/Decor Idea Ever | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

If I have extra time, I usually go the Mod Podge route, just to preserve the bottle for decor ( my friends keep theirs a lot! ).

BUT, both end up giving you a pretty, glitzy bottle of champagne for your next b-day party, holiday event, etc. You can bet I’ll be making a few of these for my NYE party, because they’re just jazzy AF.

Also, champagne jello shots anyone? Perhaps the classiest way to be completely not classy EVER.

For more real-person gift ideas, check my big Holiday Gift Guide!


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2 Responses
  • Jacqueline
    12 . 16 . 2015

    Such a cute DIY! This would make a fabulous hostess gift for New Year’s Eve 🙂

    Xo Jacqueline

  • Kelsey
    12 . 16 . 2015

    I love this! Thoughtful and doesn’t break the bank. Going to do this for a couple of friends graduating in December. Thanks for the inspiration!