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So I Threw a Dog Birthday Party…

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How I Threw my Dog the Best Dog Birthday Party Ever | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

So…… yeah. Call me crazy.

I threw my main man a birthday party for his 2nd birthday & it was absolutely the best decision ever. Let’s just set the stage for Drogo’s ridiculous dog birthday party.

( btw: how pretty is he omg, my love )

The whole family ( literally… parents, siblings, & grandparents ) was in attendance for Drogo’s 2nd birthday. We actually planned ahead & marked our calendars for this v important occasion. Drogo is a big part of all of our lives, so everyone was adamant about being there for the celebrations.

Drogo is my dog, technically, but the rest of the family claims him as their own as well. I’m like… *okay yeah, until YOU sift through his poop/puke looking for abnormalities or stay up all night with him watching to make sure he’s breathing after ingesting something weird…. you cannot claim him.*

Until then, I’M Drogo’s real mom.

LOL. Real mom. Like, I birthed him.

How I Threw my Dog the Best Dog Birthday Party Ever | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Anywho, I picked up a few doggie pastries from Wag ( a dog boutique in my hometown: Fort Worth, TX ), some bones, stuffed animals, & a new dog tag from Petco, and party supplies from the party store.

Obviously, the party hat was necessary for photos. Drogo disagreed, but he took the torture of sporting the party hat like a total champ ( at least for the pictures… ).

We spread out all of his treats for him to choose his favorite as his ‘birthday cake’ ( didn’t give him all of these at once, because… puke city ), and put his little hat on. The incredible cuteness of all of this happening at once sent everyone into a frenzy, running around looking for their phones and LOLing about how ridiculous we were being.

I specifically remember sprinting up the stairs yelling, “OMG, I NEED TO GET THE CAMERA DON’T MOVE!”

Like, throwback to being 5 years old & your mom photographing your every move. I felt like a total annoying mom. I now understand my parents’ crazy documentation of my entire life, and I’m sorry I ever got annoyed with them for it.

Meanwhile, Drogo is, like, really afraid/confused by this whole situation.

How I Threw my Dog the Best Dog Birthday Party Ever | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

If you follow me on snapchat, you saw my video of us singing Happy Birthday AT Drogo & him looking at us like we had lost our minds.

Hahahaha, that has got to be so odd from a dog’s perspective.

Okay, so Drogo DID actually enjoy most of his birthday, this little snippet is just the part where he was all *wtf is going on?* At least, I would imagine that’s what he was thinking.

BTW, I’m actually laughing as I’m writing about/remembering this. Drogo was right… wtf IS wrong with us?

Anywho, after the huge formal ordeal, Drogo finally got to eat his bday bone/treat, run around with everyone, & play with his new toys ( that he LOVES, btw… score ). Then, he passed TF out.

That’s a total dog birthday party SUCCESS, if you ask me.

Are any of you crazy enough to throw your dog a straight up human-style birthday party? Please tell me there are other pyschos out there who are as obsessed with their dogs as I am with mine.

I mean…. how could you NOT be? He’s my main beebus/man.

Have a happppy day, wiener people. xx

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How I Threw my Dog the Best Dog Birthday Party Ever | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

8 Responses
  • Janelle @ Wholly Healthy
    12 . 16 . 2015

    So cute! My pup is 13, and every birthday is a celebration!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      12 . 23 . 2015

      It HAS to be! They’re such a big part of our lives. <3

  • Kristin
    12 . 19 . 2015

    Tank’s 1st bday party is tomorrow, whole fam is coming. May or may not be baking him a dog cake tonight….

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      12 . 23 . 2015

      LOL — we are nuts.

  • Jacki
    11 . 23 . 2016

    wait what happened to Drogo… I miss him in your snaps…