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Downtown with Zappos

Sponsored by Zappos

Hi friends!

I’m currently spending a much-needed week at home in Texas, living the high life in, basically, the middle of nowhere with my family. Sometimes it’s nice to be away from traffic, the constant sound of sirens, and the hustle & bustle of the Los Angeles.

I DO live on the west side of LA, which is notably more chill than the the West Hollywood/Hollywood areas, but it’s nothing compared to the quiet Texas towns I’m bouncing around to this week.

I mean, our ranch house in deep East Texas doesn’t even have WIFI. CAN YOU BELIEVE?? No wifi, barely any cell service, 30 minutes away from the nearest Starbucks. All we really do out there is shoot trap over the lake, drink sweet tea, ride four-wheelers, & play Texas Hold ‘Em nightly.

What a life.

In other news, let’s discuss this look because I’m fricken obsessed.

Question: does all black-everything ever get old when putting together a classically-bomb outfit??

Answer: nah.

I stick to black on black ( on black on black ) when putting together going-out outfits, and I start to take this approach into daytime looks when temps drop under 65 degrees. Late Fall/early Winter means chic grim-reaper status at all times.

Claire and I shot this look in partnership with Zappos while running around Downtown one busy day last week. That day, my friends, is the day I fell in love with these La Canadienne boots I ordered online not too long ago.

La Canadienne is known for their stylish, comfy, and WATERPROOF boots that are meant for all-day wear. These are super practical for those of you living in or visiting colder climates. I’m 100% on-board for these babies, and I’ll be taking them with me on my winter adventures.

The specific style I picked up has a sporty-masculine look, which is one of my favorite ways to round out an outfit like this one. I’ve got my off-shoulder, cozy sweater, classic black skinnies, a stand-out designer bag, and boots that are a little more boyish to polish off an otherwise feminine outfit.

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Boots :: Zappos
Sweater :: Zappos

I put these boots to the test during a day shooting downtown, lunching, and shooting in Beverly Hills. I was actually shocked by how comfortable they are.

If y’all haven’t had the chance to explore downtown LA a bit, I highly recommend making a day of doing so. The New York-vibe is alive and well, and there are a number of trendy restaurants and bars around the financial district.

We walked around to scout locations, spotted a few finance HOTTIES, & grabbed a coffee at an Instagram-worthy French bistro.

Needless to say, Claire and I have both agreed that shooting downtown more often is a must.

Whenever I’m missing the excitement of New York City, Downtown LA will have to stand in as a backup to the real thing, until I can make the next trip out to the East coast ( where I’ll be sporting this outfit + another 5 layers because I’m dramatic ).

Welp, that’s it for today, gals!

I’ll be reminiscing on my time spent running around Downtown LA while I’m sitting out in the middle of nowhere with spotty cell service here in Texas.

The city seems like a distant memory at this point, LOL.

I’m making sure to document my escapades out here in Texas for my next VLOG, though this time I’m trying to focus on how I stay healthy while traveling/spending time in a place where there isn’t much HEALTHY food readily available.

Excited to share how I attempt to eat clean in this setting.

Talk soon, beebs! X

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