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Easy-Breezy Outfit

Helllllur beebus ladies of the world.

This week, so far, I’m feeling LAZY. A laziness of NEW levels, now that I think about it. I’m currently sitting in my bed with no pants on, getting some work in after a little afternoon power-nap ( that resulted in NO power, by the way. )

& it’s only Tuesday.

Anyone else having a sluggish week? What do y’all do when you just REALLY feel like you’re dying of exhaustion for basically no reason?

Plz send help.

In other news, I have some recent updates to share with y’all, and a few reminders while I’m at it. I’m currently working on making Hustle + Halcyon a more simple and FUN online destination to browse & discover new content, shop amazing/affordable products, & get inspired while doing so.

I’m thinking of changing up the site a bit on mobile & desktop to make everything more intuitive & easier to navigate. Exciting stuff, no???

shop my look

shop similar

so, some updates:

YouTube: I uploaded my first WEEK IN THE LIFE VLOG to YouTube yesterday, & I’m loving the response to it so far! I’ll being doing week-long blogs frequently, so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel, so you don’t miss the next one! The video I’ll be posting next week will be about a HEALTHY week in my life, & that’ll ( hopefully ) be going up next Monday or Tuesday!

If you’re liking my videos so far, make sure to give me a THUMBS UP, so this YouTube noob can start attempting to kill the YouTube game! ALSO, lemme know what kind of videos y’all are wanting to see!

The H+H Newsletter is back: & it’s BOMB-er than ever! My newsletter is an e-mail sent out once a week to update you on new posts, alert you to SALES & cool products, & to leave you with a little inspiration through weekly quotes. If you aren’t signed up for the weekly newsletter, you can do that here.

A special project: I’m working on launching a special project for a cause that’s VERY near & dear to my heart, centered upon empowering those who are struggling with social stresses, like girl-on-girl crimes & cyber-bullying, mostly aimed at children & teens.

If you have a story ( or if someone you know has a story ) about going through something like this & coming out on the other side a stronger, better person, I WANT to hear it! Please feel free to send along an email ( to payton@hustleandhalcyon.com ) or a DM ( @paytonsartain ) if you have found yourself a “victim” ( though I HATE to use that word ) to “bullies” ( another word I hate to use ) in some way, and have been able to learn from that experience.

This is absolutely going to be my passion project, & I’d love to connect with as many people as possible!

This Weekend’s Adventure: I’m embarking on a little road trip to Sedona, AZ this weekend with Claire ( my badass photographer roommate, for those of you who don’t know! ) to shoot some fun campaigns & pick up my DOG from my grandparents. He’s FINALLY coming out to California, & I couldn’t be more pumped to have him back!

If any of you have Sedona recommendations, help a gal out! We will only be there for about 2 days, but are definitely into eating & exploring. Also, shoot location recs would be cool!

You can follow along for the adventure on Instagram, as per usual.

Lastly, my WISHLIST update: I’ve updated my August wishlist with a shortlist of some of my favorite activewear, shoes, accessories, & day-to-day-wear for the month. I try to keep mostly everything on my list under $100 ( though I do include more splurge-worthy items as I see fit ), so it’s a realistic shopping list. Hope y’all see something you like!

That’s all as far as updates, & typing all of that out weirdly gave me just a bit of energy. I MIGHT just be able to drag my ass to the gym tonight.

But, that could be reaching for the stars. I could be speaking too soon.

We shall see.

Talk soon, wieners. xx

3 Responses
  • Ewa Macherowska
    08 . 09 . 2017

    You look amazing as always hun! x


  • Stephanie
    08 . 09 . 2017

    Really loving this post! It’s so fun to see all the amazing things you’ve got coming up soon 🙂 Here’s hoping you find the energy to get through it all haha!

    • paytonsartain
      08 . 11 . 2017

      Fingers Crossed!!! xx