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Electric Mini Dress ( Nasty Gal x For Love & Lemons )

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Electric Dress ( NOW 30% off! ) // Hustle + Halcyon Electric Dress ( NOW 30% off! ) // Hustle + Halcyon Electric Dress ( NOW 30% off! ) // Hustle + Halcyon Electric Dress ( NOW 30% off! ) // Hustle + Halcyon Electric Dress ( NOW 30% off! ) // Hustle + Halcyon

Dress ( 30% 0ff! ) // Necklace // Sunglasses // Shoes ( 50% off! )

Photos by Erin Wiese.

Heya, Wieners.

How sweet is this dress from the Nasty Gal x For Love & Lemons collab?

They were spot on capturing the aesthetics of both brands… Like, I’m blown away. It’s perfect.

Nasty Gal has some badass new stuff that’s really affordable ( i.e. this sheer black top that is totally rocking my world…. I actually shot a look with it this morning! ).

For Love & Lemons, though not affordable, is seriously my addiction ( if you hadn’t noticed by my instagram ). As some of you guys know, I spent January-June of this year interning for this brand in Los Angeles, CA. The small team of badass girls that work behind the scenes to make For Love & Lemons as flawless as it is work their ASSES off. They’re all so passionate & creative, and they put in SO MUCH time & effort.

So, the clothes are pricey, but I think they’re worth it. The fall collection is my favorite one to-date, so go LUST over it.

PS: If y’all want me to do a post about landing an internship like mine at FL&L ( I did PR/Social Media ), I can do that! Just lemme know!

Currently, I’m sitting in my French class ( yes, I have an EFFING class on Fridays at noon ) listening to my professor speak French AT us. I say she speaks AT us because no one has any idea what she is saying. Side: I’ve been taking French in school since 7th grade ( so that’s 9 years ) & I still do not know the language…. so there’s that.

I have a couple of coolio projects coming up, and I can’t wait to share them with y’all! You can get a little preview of what’s to come ( & follow me along on my weekend adventures! ) by following me on snapchat: payton_sartain.

Forewarning: it’s Friday & I’m probably going to indulge in a cocktail ( or 8 ) tonight, so my snapchat might get a little….. interesting. Translation: I’m going to embarrass myself. Whoops.

Later, Luvrs.