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A Pledge to be Present This Holiday Season

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Tomorrow ( extra-early ) morning, I’ll be making the flight home, from Los Angeles to Fort Worth, TX.

The holiday season is a weird time for bloggers. This time of year is one of the best time periods for brand collaborations & booking partnerships, which means it’s filled with WORK WORK WORK. Everyone on either side of the business ( brands + influencers alike ) push out holiday content like crazy.

At the same time, the holiday season marks the end of the year, which puts us in a state of reflection. What did I accomplish this year? Have I progressed? What did I learn? What did I do right?

AND, most importantly: What are my goals for next year?

It’s both wonderful & overwhelming, and it’s during this time that I believe taking a moment to disconnect is important.

As I return home to spend the week with family, I’m pledging to take time away from the screen to simply BE. To reflect, relax, write, & regenerate myself.

I want to have important conversations with my grandparents, make ( undocumented ) memories with my siblings, put pen-to-paper, read a book, & stimulate my mind off-line.

That being said, I’ll definitely be posting on socials, as it’s my job and I can’t just quit completely for a week, but I’m going to make a genuine effort to lessen my screen time during the holidays. Pre-planning content is great for that ( pro tip ).

I’m hoping that lessening time spent on socials will help me generate new ideas & goals for the upcoming year, too. I find that separating yourself from the noise leads to unique ideas & perspectives, which is exactly what I’m needing after the overstimulation of the last couple of months.

I’m hoping I can inspire some of you to disconnect, too.

We’re all in this madness together. I know we could all use a some time away mentally.

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I’m partnering with Express in today’s post to encourage you to spend this holiday season celebrating your family, your friends, and yourself ( hello, connecting each other and ourselves IRL ). This time of the year is truly magical & so full of love.

Today’s outfit is centered around this oversized shirt ( that I’m wearing as a dress ) I’ve been LIVING in as of late. I wear it with sneakers to run errands, tied up with jeans for a more put-together look, and as a robe at home. I can’t get enough.

I’m also a fan of Express’s outerwear + boot selection.

Right now, Express is offering 50% off EVERYTHING, so now is the perfect time to snag a few of your favorites from the website ( or in-store! ).

I hope everyone traveling to see family in preparation for the next week has a SAFE trip! & wishing you all health & happy holidays.

Some parting news:

  • If you haven’t seen my Palm Springs VLOG yet, you can find that here! This little 8-minute vlog details my recent trip out the desert and all of the top spots my friends & I visited this go-around! It was EPIC.
  • I have 1 more post ( on health + fitness ) & 1 more vlog coming your way in 2018! Then, it’s on to 2019 content. I’m thinking January is going to be all about setting goals, getting physically & mentally healthy, and starting off fresh. Revolutionary, I know. LOL.
  • Ya girl is about to be 25! I felt I should make everyone aware. Should I do a post about what I’ve really learned in my near-25 years of life??
  • AND, last: the next few weeks is going to include some TRAVEL for yours-truly. I’m headed to Vegas at the very end of December and to Playa Del Carmen at the beginning of January. If you have any recs for those destinations, please DM me! & make sure you’re following along for the adventures.

Talk soon, loves! x