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Fall in For Love & Lemons

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Fall in For Love & Lemons with Hustle + Halcyon

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving ladies!

Considering the Sartain name is synonymous with WTF, we are having our family Thanksgiving a day early to continue with our pattern of doing things that don’t make any sense.

Don’t ask me why. I’m just as confused as you are.

If any of y’all tuned in to snapchat for last nights ferret-filled story, you got a taste of what coming home looks like for me: my grandma talking about luring the neighbor’s cow away from her porch because it shits everywhere, my sister putting her ferrets in her mouth & flinging them across the room, etc.

You get it. We’re not normal.

Also in typical Sartain style, we are having a number of fast food restaurants & country diners provide mass amounts of food in a spread that, you guessed it, doesn’t make sense at all. LOL– dying.

One thing that does make so much sense– I ordered myself a pack of mini gluten-free cupcakes & macaroons ( naturally gluten-free! ) in lieu of what I’m assuming is chocolate cookies & apple pie to finish off our weird AF Thanksgiving meal.

Come along on snapchat today for more weirdness: PAYTON_SARTAIN. LOL.

Fall in For Love & Lemons with Hustle + Halcyon Fall in For Love & Lemons with Hustle + Halcyon

So, this look.

My fav LA-based photog, Claire, & I made the trek to the Pacific Palisades to shoot this For Love & Lemons mini dress & thigh-high boots.

As some of y’all know, I had the chance to intern at For Love & Lemons last year. This brand’s aesthetic is one of my ultimate favorites. Being behind-the-scenes at FLL made me love it so much more.

The brand is super specific, the designer is absolutely incredible, & all of the work that goes behind each little flawless piece justifies the price, in my opinion. The fit & quality is second to none.

I’m loving this mini dress from the fall collection for fall in places like Southern California & Texas. It’s not necessarily cold enough to bundle up yet, but it’s the perfect weather for a long-sleeve mini & over-knee boots.

FLL killed it with their fall & holiday collections this year.

Fall in For Love & Lemons with Hustle + Halcyon Fall in For Love & Lemons with Hustle + Halcyon

Shop the Look

Shop Top FLL Picks

Fall in For Love & Lemons with Hustle + Halcyon Fall in For Love & Lemons with Hustle + Halcyon

Well, y’all, I’m off to socialize with my tribe of weirdos downstairs. I’ll probably be feasting on tacos, mashed potatoes, & gluten-free mini desserts in a little bit… mix & match style.

We have even more Sartain family members coming over today, so this should be a real experience, lolz.

Hope everyone have a killer Thanksgiving on the normal Thursday that everyone but my family celebrates Thanksgiving… maybe I’ll have a second, personal Thanksgiving tomorrow as well?


Talk soon, babes. xx

Photos by Claire Huntsberger.

Fall in For Love & Lemons with Hustle + Halcyon

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