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I’M A CLICHÉ, I KNOW, SO SUE ME ( don’t ).

I really did NOT want to be the type of blogger who created 1-million-and-1 pieces of content centered around festival season ( what to wear, what to pack, etc, etc ) yet here I am, writing my 2nd festival-minded post two full weeks before the Coachella insanity even hits Instagram.

I hate me.

It’s fine if you hate me, too, I can handle it.

Here’s the situation: I was browsing the interwebs for outfits to wear to Coachella this year, & I came across quite a few options I felt I needed to share with all of you, should you be attending festivals this year.

My festival style ranges from western-forward to sporty to rave betch to being naked to the classic cut-offs & boho blouse scenario. I cannot make up my mind. My indecisiveness has manifested itself in the product selection I’ve curated in today’s post, but I’m okay with that. Everyone can find something their heart desires.

Classic + Feminine

Think crop tops & cut-offs paired with sneakers or festival-approved boots. Simple, effortlessly-sexy, & you’ll be able to wear it again post-festival.

Rave Beeb

NEON. METALLIC. SPARKLES. Don’t do rave drugs but LOOK like you do.


Athletic-but-still-THOTy is my motto. Jk, it’s not, I just made that up, but it works.


I don’t usually go so far as to do flower crowns & crazy braids for Coachella, because that’s so 2012, but a little boho touch is nice now & then.


My ideal festival shoe is close-toed, comfortable, & AFFORDABLE ( because you know that shit is about to get stepped on all over the place ). The only non-affordable shoes I’ll ever wear to a festival are heavy-duty Dr. Marten-style boots & my custom cowboy boots ( they’re meant to hold up in harsh conditions ).

My favorite online stores to shop for festival clothing include Dolls Kill ( SO many of my looks this year are from DK! ), Urban Outfitters, Etsy, & REVOLVE.

Can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing this festival season. I’m trynnnna get weird with my outfits.

Talk soon & happy shopping, k bye ily.


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