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Fitness Classes for Slimming & Strengthening

It seems like the week is FLYING by & I have yet to accomplish basically everything I need to do. I am failing SO HARD at adult life lately, but I’m honestly trying to ignore it ( which is what got me here in the first place, but… whatever ).

One of these days I’ll get around to paying my parking ticket, calling my health insurance company, getting my oil changed, following-up on payment with brands, hiring an accountant, etc. One. Of. These. Damn. Days.

In the meantime, come along to procrastination station while I talk about my most-frequented fitness classes– LOL *continues to ignore responsibilities indefinitely*

I’m a member at a gym called Equinox, which has locations ALL over the place. It’s a little pricey for a gym membership, but because I’m there alll the time, I find that paying extra for an upscale gym is worth it for me.

I’m not at all sponsored by Equinox ( I wish ), but here are a few of the reasons why I think it’s worth it:

1. Its EXTRA CLEAN. Equinox is the only gym I’ve ever felt comfortable showering in. The attendants in the locker rooms are impressively diligent when it comes to cleaning everything ( floors, steam room, bathroom stalls, etc ). They basically clean the showers after every use. Yes please.

Fitness Classes for Getting in Shape & Why I Think Equinox is Worth the Money // Hustle and Halcyon

2. SO MANY locations. I have an all-gym membership, which means I have options when it comes to locations. I live about 15-20 minutes from 3 different locations, so I choose my location depending on the class schedule/parking situation/my plan for the day. It’s amazing for travel! If I’m in New York, Miami, Dallas, Houston, or even in Orange County, there’s a gym near me. Convenience is key.
3. The CLASSES. The class selection is fucking great. We’ll discuss more in a sec.
4. The Amenities. I’m pretty sure Earthbar is in most Equinox locations. I LOVE grabbing a healthy snack or smoothie after working out. It’s a way to treat myself. Equinox also offers a spa, trainers on-demand ( through the app ), a pilates reformer studio, & fitness shop.
5. It’s EXPENSIVE. Yes, I’m flipping this into a positive. I consider my gym membership an investment in both my physical & mental health. The price gets my ass to the gym more often, because I feel I HAVE to make it worth it. After working out, I spend time in the steam room ( with a few cold eucalyptus towels on my face, THE BEST ), showering, going through my skincare routine, & decompressing. Going to the gym feels indulgent rather than like a CHORE.

PS, if you’re wanting to join Equinox & have any questions, feel free to ask! If you mention my name when you sign up, I’m relatively positive we both get $$ towards our membership. Don’t quote me on that, though.

OKAY– blah, blah, blah, let’s get to the main event. I feel like I should mention that my fitness goals include strengthening, toning, & slimming, so the classes I take coincide with those goals. I’ll share the details of each of my most-frequented classes so y’all can find similar classes at your own gyms!

Fitness Classes for Getting in Shape & Why I Think Equinox is Worth the Money // Hustle and Halcyon

My Most-Frequented Fitness Classes 

1. Pure Strength: This is a 45-minute circuit training class that focusses on limited reps with heavy weights. We’re always told that weights should be heavy enough that you can’t complete the 8-rep set each go-around. Lifting heavy has been a HUGE part of slimming & toning for me.

2. Precision Running: Sometimes it’s easier to have a trainer there telling you when to stop/start & how fast to run while interval training on the treadmill. My favorite Precision Running class is at the Santa Monica location, because this class has it’s own dedicated room.

3. Rockin’ Model Workout: I underestimated the HELL out of this class, judging by the name alone, the first time I tried it. It’s a barre/yoga class that also includes elements of cardio & pole dancing ( YES, lol, pole dancing ). Like many barre classes, it’s centered on repetition of small movements, but there’s something about the NUMBER of reps in this class that puts you in a meditative state. You literally forget you’re there. It is…. so painful, yet so beautiful, HA.

4. Firestarter: this is a 30-minute HIIT class I go to when I’m short on time. It’s quick & gets the job done. Using only bodyweight & a step bench, my ass gets kicked every time.

5. RX Series: Recovery is important too! This class is all about stretching, myofascial massage & breath strategy. I LOVE that Equinox regularly makes classes like this available.

Obviously, Equinox offers a much larger range of classes than what it listed here, but these are a few I find myself continuously going back to. There are TONS of classes in the yoga, pilates, cardio, spin, dance, athletic-training & recovery categories. Honestly, the range of classes you can take is impressive.

Any Equinox members/trainers out there have class recommendations for me??

I’m always down to try something new. Unless it’s dancing, I’m not doing that shit.

Hoping this post was helpful for y’all, and HOPEFULLY y’all can find some classes similar to the above at your own gym!

By the way, if you want to see a more in-depth post on my health & fitness lifestyle in its entirety, you can see that here. I’ve been able to get in ( almost ) the best shape of my life in the last year, & I owe it all to a new, balanced lifestyle with fitness at the forefront.

Talk soon, beebs. xx

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