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VIDEO | Under $50 Outfit Challenge w/ Angelique Cooper

Y’all KNOW I enjoy a solid Forever21 run. Sometimes you find yourself bored, on a weekday afternoon/evening ( AKA: me in college, like, weekly ), & you just need to spend some $$ on A LOT of clothes.

OMG did I make some epic Forever21 trips in college. Obviously, F21 is one of the stores that you really have to be in the shopping mood to conquer. If you go there with your head in the game, I promise you can find a number of affordable, hidden gems that you’ll find yourself wearing over & over again.

PS: this post is not sponsored by F21, Angelique & I just thought this challenge sounded fun & helpful.

In my college town, we didn’t have very many options as far a trendy boutiques & department stores, so the Forever 21 at the College Station mall became my place to treat myself to some retail therapy. If I was bored, or over school, or depressed about a stupid frat boy ( oh GEEZ, if I could go back & tell myself to not care about those idiots ), I Forever21 became my sanctuary.

Yes, for some reason, the sparkly floors, overwhelming amount of product, & loud pop music was therapeutic on some level. Idk.

SO, my beautiful beebus friend Angelique ( love her YouTube videos, BTW! ) got together one afternoon to film a lil Under $50 Outfit Challenge for y’all! This video is live on her YouTube channel, so make sure y’all watch for all the goods! You can also shop our outfits in the description bar found under her video.

Alsoooo, Angelique has recently revamped her BLOG & I’m so excited to have another friend in the blogging world! She’s helping me navigate the YouTube world a bit more ( because she’s way more legit than I am when it comes to YT ), and I’m SO thankful to have someone willing to lend a hand or answer a question.

Y’all will love her blog/YouTube channel, btw. You can also find her on instagram here.

Hope y’all love this lil video beebs! Tell me if you like the outfit challenge theme! xx

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