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Frilly is About to Change Your Life, BTW

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The Frilly Custom Made-To-Order Clothing on Blogger Payton Sartain

FRILLY is about to change your life in the best way. Let me explain

So, one of my friends since the beginning of my blogging days, badass designer Max Gengos, recently moved out to LA to be the HBIC of Frilly’s design team. Yeah, I guess you could say he’s kind of a big deal ( I mean, after designing for Calvin Klein & starting an earth-conscious, high-end line of his own, what do you expect? ), & he’s someone I’m so lucky to have connected with early on.

Honestly, the coolest guy.

Anywho, Frilly is a brand that basically allows you to customize your own made-to-order clothing. They have a number of lines within The Frilly blanket, so there’s something for every type of girl from boho to mod to feminine ( my favorite line rn is SALTT ).

I’d like to mention that this is NOT something I’m being paid to post about. I genuinely think all of you will digggg this new online shopping set-up.

What excites me the most about Frilly is the price point & the quality of the clothing. First of all, you are able to order clothes for your EXACT size… literally customized BY YOU for your body. On top of that, the materials they use to create your made-to-order piece are TOP KNOTCH. I’m talking high-end designer fit & quality.

…. but it’s so affordable. I’m absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the pricing.

I’m not saying I could afford to order an entire wardrobe from The Frilly, but it’s perfect for those staple pieces that you’ll wear all season.

You’ll basically feel FANCY as FUCK in anything you order because it was made for YOU. You can change everything from the color to the neckline to button placement to dress/pant length. It’s an experience, tbh.

I cannot say enough about this whole concept, & I highly recommend playing around on their site to get an idea of the customization process. I’m currently in the middle of designing a pair of pants for fall. I can’t wait to show y’all what they look like when I’m done.

So, this outfit. I brought two outfits from Frilly to New York for fashion week, & this is the more feminine/neutral of the two. I felt so ladylike running around Soho in this outfit.

Earlier in the day, before shooting, I wore this look to a brunch with Vogue X La Marca Prosseco ( peep my entire NYFW run-down here ) with heels & a low pony. It was more sleek & dressed-up. I changed into tennis shoes & threw my hair up in a messy top-knot for daytime activities, because I love a good sneaker-paired-with-fancy-shit moment.

My platformed Supergas were perfect for this look. Also, I’m wearing my new metallic Furla bag ( a great option for those of you who are looking for a good bag under $500 ) that fits everything I need & more.

Frilly X Payton Sartain

Do y’all LOVE or do y’all love?

I’m so freaking obsessed with this concept. Can’t get enough.

As per usual, I shot this look with my roomie/photog extraordinaire, Claire Huntsberger. My favorite.

So, in other news, I spent this whole last week back home in Texas. There’s a VLOG coming for y’all on my YouTube channel very soon. Get ready for lots of eating, lots of margaritas, & some very Texas things up in yer face in the next week ( lolz ).

Let me know if y’all end up ordering from Frilly &/or if you have fun playing around on the site, at the very least. It’s SO FUN.

Talk soon. xx


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