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How to Have Less Clothes but More Outfits

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Sup beebs.

I’m getting a slow start to the morning due to staying up EXTRA LATE binge-watching Medal of Honor on Netflix. I HIGHLY recommend watching this series. It really makes me realize how trivial & easy-take-care-of-able my daily inconveniences are. I was in tears for both happy + sad reasons.

My favorite episodes were the Edward Carter one ( because he’s possibly the most badass person to ever live ) and the ep about Hiroshi ‘Hershey’ Miyamura ( also badass, also the cutest man alive ).

If you’re stressed and needing some perspective lately, you need this show in your life.


Today I want to talk about the anatomy of my everyday outfit for running around town & the IMPORTANCE of investing in quality pieces you’ll wear every day.

I know, I know, a style blogger talking about quality, everyday staples is super REVOLUTIONARY & INNOVATIVE, I get it. But, every season brings with it it’s own new pieces that I want to share with you, because I think it’s nice to be able to treat yourself to something you’ll wear on a daily basis that makes you a little happy to own.

Quality > quantity. Always. Y’all know this.

Here’s my thing: I like to build my closet around quality staples that will last through the year, and then add in inexpensive statement pieces. The whole style section on H+H is basically about this very idea. Invest in your basics, find affordable fun/extra pieces.

Again, I know this isn’t revolutionary stuff, but I can’t stress this enough.

It’s part of my job to help make it easier for you to get dressed in the morning. Comfort is the baseline of any outfit ( unless we’re talking about going-out looks… then it’s all leather/sequins/sucking in super hard because everything is tight, LOL ).

Then, you add touches of your own personal style.

For this look, which is an example of something I’d wear every day, I started with a simple oversized tee ( on sale for $10 right now… BALLER ) + biker shorts. LITERALLY couldn’t be more comfortable. That combo is basically pajamas.

To elevate an outfit like this from PJs to something somewhat respectable, I add high-end, quality pieces. In this case, I added my Celine Nano Tote ( an investment I made nearly 3 years ago and have worn SO MUCH ) & a pair of Frye moto-style booties to this look.

The Frye Company is a brand that I’m sure MANY of you are familiar with. I’m partnering with Frye to bring y’all today’s post & to share some of my top picks for booties this fall. I like Frye because I trust this brand when it comes to comfort ( important for boots you’re going to be wearing every day ) and quality of leather. They’re kind of a classic, if you haven’t noticed.

shop frye boots

So, there’s your base. Now, I add some sort of statement piece or classic jacket over the top. For today’s look, I’m wearing a velvety chocolate trucker jacket ( 50% off right now! ). Other days I’ll wear a leather bomber, a destroyed denim jacket, or a blazer, depending on what look I’m going for.

Starting with a simple, quality base allows you to switch out your statement piece easily, which means you’re spending less money on what seems like more looks. Easy-peasy.

shop the look

Do y’all like, or do y’all like?

That’s it for today, beebus girls! I’m off to lunch with some girls to start quite an eventful day.

I’ll be vlogging the whole thing, OBVIOUSLY. Or, as per usual, you can come along on Instagram.

Love y’all. Talk soon.