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How To Get Rid of a Hangover: You Might Not Like What I’m Suggesting

How To Beat a Nasty Hangover LIKE A PRO | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

So, we’ve all been there. The. Freaking. Worst.

This last weekend, I hit the hangover lifestyle hard as HELL on both Saturday & Sunday mornings. I’m already feeling too old for this, and I’m only 21. If you saw my playlist post on Friday or follow me on snapchat ( I’m sorry ), you’re like, ‘yeah we all saw this coming you freaking idiot…’

My shenanigans were ‘acceptable’ only because this weekend was a big one here in College Station, TX. My last home football game as a student came & went faster than I wanted it to! As much as I CANNOT WAIT to be graduating from school & moving on with real life, I will definitely miss college football season as an actual college student.

BUT, I’ve been to more Texas A&M football games as a non-student than as a student, so I think it’s safe to say I’ll be back at Kyle Field again at some point. That makes it a little easier to swallow.

Anywhoo. I did a little experiment this weekend regarding hangovers. On Friday AND Saturday nights, I drank around the same amount & came home each night an absolute mess and remember VERY LITTLE, so idk if I drank water, took ibuprofen, ate anything, etc (… yeah, this is embarrassing but the truth must be told ). So, I’m just going to say that both hangovers were pretty much identical for experimental purposes. Not exactly ideal, but it’ll have to do.

Hangover-Be-Gone :: How To Stop a Nasty Hangover from Ruining Your Day | www.hustleandhalcyon.com


Saturday Morning, I felt like absolute shit. I’m talking never-left-bed-except-to-get-the-trash-can-for-possible-vomit kind of shit. I had all of my crappy, greasy meals delivered to my front door ( & legit found it hard to walk down the stairs to answer the door… ew) and I sat and wallowed in my self-induced pain like a freaking bum. Honestly, none of this laying around/eating like shit/hibernating really helped me at all. It is what I wanted to do & what I felt like I should be doing, but the hangover lingered around until I started drinking again ( did I mention I hate myself? LOL ).

SUNDAY MORNING » Here’s What to do:

TBH, I woke up Sunday morning in nothing but a FULL FACE of FREAKING MAKEUP & socks ( I was ALONE, people, so whatevs ), clothes strewn about the house ( apparently I started stripping the second I walked into my door ), & half of the contents of my wallet missing. So its safe to assume Sunday morning started off at rock-bottom status. Gig ‘Em Aggies, I guess…

BUT on Sunday, I did things differently than the previous shitty morning. As much as I felt like I was going to throw up upon waking up ( around 10 AM ), I forced myself to chug a huge glass of water with lemon to rehydrate. Then, I took two ibuprofens, some b-12, an Omega-3 supplement, & got my ass outside to walk with my pup, Drogo, to the juice cafe near my apartment. There, I got a green juice ( ‘Holy Moly’ : spinach, pineapple, coconut water, jalapeño ) and a wellness shot ( ‘Flu Shot’: turmeric, lemon, cayenne ) and walked a bit more outside. VITAMINS, MINERALS, & MOVING AND MORE VITAMINS, MINERALS, & MOVING.

Let me just say, again, this is not what I really wanted to do… but once I was outside in the fresh air & moving a bit, I felt SO much better than I did the day before simply passed out in bed for hours.

I should admit here that I’m VERY good at forcing myself to do things that I absolutely do not want to do. Once I identify the optimum route to get myself from Point A to Point B, I’m pretty skilled at ignoring my feelings/what comes natural & doing what is right in that situation.

So basically, you can and should sleep in, but then get the fuck up & do what you DO NOT WANT TO DO so you can feel better. This mentality is pretty helpful in a lot of situations, actually. Its usually not an easy task, but it is so, so helpful in life/health/work/etc.

When I got home, I made myself two breakfast tacos to get some protein ( egg whites, onions, bell peppers, & salsa in corn tortillas ) and had another huge glass of water.

After all of this, I was able to get some cleaning done, hang with the family at my little sister’s softball game ( she plays softball here at Texas A&M because she’s a baller… literally ) and go on a short run before reconvening with the family for dinner. I felt like a whole new person after making a few simple, but healthy, decisions. That’s what I’m talkin’ about, beebuses.

Hangover-Be-Gone :: How To Stop a Nasty Hangover from Ruining Your Day | www.hustleandhalcyon.com


1] If Possible, the night before, I drink LOTS of water, have something somewhat nutritious to eat ( like an apple/peanut butter, eggs, or spagehetti squash with marinara sauce.. random list, I know ), and take an activated charcoal supplement/ibuprofen.
2] Sleep in, but don’t wallow around in bed all day!
3] Drink lots of water in the morning ( even if you feel sick ). I drink mine with mint/lemon usually!
4] Take a pain medication like ibuprofen if you have a headache and for swelling if necessary, and get some vitamins & minerals in your system!
5] Eat something good for you ( as much as greasy food sounds amaze, I know ). Like I said before, I had a green juice, a little wellness shot, and some lightened-up breakfast tacos.
6] Move a little and get outside! I mean, you don’t have to go do anything crazy, but a short walk outside or a little stretching isn’t going to kill you. In fact, it’ll make you feel a lot better. Trust me. Fresh air is also a plus.

So what helps y’all when you’re feeling like complete and total ass after I night of too much tequila?

Someone remind me why we do this to ourselves for ‘fun‘ again…?

Just a disclaimer: I don’t recommend over-indulging in alcohol ( & I don’t recommend it to anyone underage! ), but these are some steps to help a gal out if you do get a little too cray. We all have those mornings. What do y’all do to cure a nasty hangover?

Lemme know! xx

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Photos by Claire Huntsberger. 

7 Responses
  • Sola
    11 . 17 . 2015

    You are literally saving lives. I’m all about the water in between drinks and lemon water in the morning. So I’m totally going to add vitamins to the routine.

    x Sola

  • Katya
    11 . 18 . 2015

    I wish everyone look so gorgeous as you are when they are hangover! :)) On a serious note, I am trying to stay away from drinking as hangover is not a favorite word in my lexicon.


  • claudia
    11 . 21 . 2015

    UGH!! I know this feeling all to well. Up until recently I operated under the assumption the only hope was to lay and pray for death. 😮 Your solution sounds a lot better. Hair of the dog never fails me.. serious just one mimosa or bloody and two advil do the trick. <3