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Goals I’m Setting for Myself in 2018 ( If You’re in Need of Some Inspo )

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Seems like I’ve lived a million lives since my last post ( the day after Christmas ), because I’ve been all over the place since then. Here’s a lil’ life recap:

I returned back to LA post-Christmas, after spending about a week in Texas with family for the holidays. I’m currently editing the vlog from that trip, as I know y’all like to see my weird-ass family in my vlogs ( if you aren’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel, you can do that here ). I got a new vlogging camera for Christmas, so prepare yourselves for some solid video action.

At the very end of 2017, I got my shit together in terms of health & wellness ( another vlogging topic, coming soon ), and then headed to stay at The Pendry hotel in San Diego for my birthday. My 24th birthday included a few close friends, being treated to a BOMB dinner & a champagne brunch the next morning at the hotel.

Then, I did New Year’s Eve surrounded by some of my favorite people & a little too much tequila ( as per usual ).

Now, I’m finally getting my life together to kick off 2018 on a productive, organized, intentional note. I always do a New Year’s Resolution post to start off the new year, which is coming soon ( you can read my posts on being more intentional & on slowing TF down from past years, if you’re needing some inspiration. )

While I’m working on nailing down a resolution, I thought I’d share a list of GOALS I have for myself this year, just in case any of you are wanting to create a goals-list for yourself. For me, a resolution is more like a theme/attitude I’d like to implement in my daily life, whereas my list of goals is about specific achievement.

Some of my goals pertain to blogging/work, some pertain to personal well-being, some pertain to living a more enriching life. Let’s do this.

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Goals for 2018

♥ Blogging/Work Goals

Meet more readers. Blogging can be very lonely at times, & that’s coming from a person who LOVES to be alone. In the digital space, it’s easy to forget that there are people on the other side of the screen reading/engaging with you. I want to MEET & CONNECT with people who can relate to myself & my content! In 2018, one of my goals is to partner with some of my blogger friends to put on events, organize meet-ups, & host interactive giveaways. Would y’all like that??

New site launch. I’ve been working on a new site aesthetic/set-up for 2018 ( with my BFF from home, who is a bomb graphics guru ), and I’m beyond excited to revamp H+H to reflect my current style. I think y’all are going to like what’s to come.

Get more organized & plan in advance. As some of you may have noticed, my editorial calendar ( i.e. my posting schedule ) is ALL over the place. For y’alls’ sake, I’m trying to get more organized in the new year, so you know when to expect posts. I also want to revamp my health/wellness posting series. I have so many lil tips I have yet to share with y’all, & I miss talking about that stuff!

♥ Personal Goals

Visit a new destination every month. This is a lofty goal, as traveling as an influencer isn’t as simple as booking a flight & a hotel. I like to make my travel profitable and the logistics behind that can be a nightmare. Nonetheless, I’ve set my sights on monthly trips ( even if they’re simply in California ), because I feel that travel wakes me up, personally, & I know y’all love to follow along on adventures.

More reading. More writing. I’ve made a “to-do” in my daily calendar to read for 30 minutes & to write for 30 minutes. This is a bit simple, but it’s one of those goals that can REALLY improve your life if you stay consistent with it. I’ve always looked at writing as a type of therapy, so journaling, as of late, has given me a lot of clarity in my personal life ( should I do a post on this? ). Learn & reflect, babes.

Pick up new skills. This year, I want to partake in new activities/learn new skills outside of my work life. Of course, I’ll document them here, so it’s still kind of considered work, but whatever. I’m thinking of taking tennis lessons, golf lessons, trying to re-learn french, take an art class, etc. The goal is to get out of my comfort zone while also learning something new.

Weekly Therapy. I’ll expand upon this topic more later, but for now, I’ll keep it short and sweet. A few years of honest self-reflection has led me to the conclusion that I need address internal issues that plague my daily life. In areas outside of work, my confidence & comfort with myself could use some improvement. This goal is super personal, so I don’t talk about it publicly very much, though I know sharing my experience could be helpful to those of you who may struggle with the same things I do. One of these days we’ll talk all about it.

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Goal setting is such an important part of living an intentional, directed life, in my opinion. Just acknowledging your goals or mapping out what you WANT is half the battle. It’s so simple, but I feel like many people forget to set goals for themselves.

Once you have your goal, it’s much easier to map out your intended strategy ( which is another huge MUST ) to get you to those goals.

I need to improve in the strategy department, mapping out a clear path to achieving my goals, and acting on that path daily/weekly.

What are some of your goals for 2018?? Are any of you going to adopt one of my goals??

Let me know if y’all want me to expand upon any of the above in a full post! I’m happy to document my experience in bettering my life, as per usual.

Talk soon, babes! x

Photos by Jen Morley
^ if you’re in Fort Worth & need a photographer, I highly recommend!

6 Responses
  • Lola
    01 . 04 . 2018

    Love your goal of visiting a new location every month! That sounds so fun and allows you to make new memories!

    xx Lola | https://thelushspot.com

  • Ewa Macherowska
    01 . 05 . 2018

    You look beautiful! x


  • Chelsea
    01 . 05 . 2018

    Thank you for being honest and vulnerable. As someone your age who just completed her Master’s degree in counseling, I think it is very admirable that you are addressing your vulnerabilities and plunging into them headfirst by seeing a therapist. And that you decided to share that bit with us. No shame in that. I think you are beautiful girl on the outside and inside, and I’d love to read more about how you work through your insecurities and personal battles. I hope you have a wonderful 2018!

  • Paige Neely
    01 . 07 . 2018

    Great read! I feel the struggle of keeping a consecutive schedule while posting as well so def one of my goals to plan and write AHEAD! Happy 2018 keep doin’ awesome!