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Going OUT Out Collaborative Playlist

Posted on

Hello, friends. & happy FRIDAY!

A few days ago, I realized that, as per usual, I listen to the same 3 songs on repeat for way too long. I’m annoying myself at this point.

I have a number of skills in this life, but the ear/patience/time for discovering new music is not one of those skills. It’s just not my thing.

Then I thought: why don’t I tap into the H+H community to help me out?

Every time I ask a question or for suggestions on my Instagram story, your DMs make me realize that you guys are vastly more cool & more well-informed than I am. So, I need your cool-girl help building some badass Spotify playlists. Cool?

In the spirit of Friday night, I want to start my on-going ‘help Payton be swaggy-er’ project with the H+H Going OUT Out collaborative playlist! I’m looking for a playlist we can all jam to while we’re getting ready to go out, sipping skinny margaritas& glamming up.

You can click here to see this playlist or visit my profile here & click through to the playlist that way. Or you can search Payton Sartain. Whatever. You get it. Y’all are smart.

As far as the playlist vibes: I’m thinking a good mix of new, popular songs & throwbacks ( think: old Usher, 50 Cent, Kanye, etc ). I don’t want it to get too EDM or girly-pop, ya know? Snakehips remixes are always a nice add, but this is not a rave playlist. A little Dua Lipa or throwback Britney is kind of necessary, but let’s mix in more masculine songs, too.

Sound fun??

I can’t wait to see what y’all add. Have fun with it! I love stuff like this because it makes me feel like we’re all FRIENDS, don’t you think?

Let’s make it epic.

Talk soon, beebs. xx


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