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Welcome to my little Guide to New York City, an ever-growing, all-inclusive NYC guide.

I am not a pro-New Yorker, but this guide will be filled with all of my favorite restaurants, bars, hotels, & things to do in the city. I will be updating after each trip to New York, hoping to provide y’all with a solid list of shizz to do. I’m not HUGE into all the super tourist-y to-do lists (though some of these suggestions are a tad tourist-y), so I won’t have a lot of those types of things listed. You can find that kind of advice anywhere.

I can’t wait to build this badass guide, and I would love some help from readers!
Comment below if you know of something that just has to be included here.


An Ever-Growing, Badass Guide to New York City // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

NoMo Soho Hotel: This Soho hotel (obviously) absolutely blew me away! The NoMo Soho is beautiful, in the perfect location (within walking distance to my fav restaurants & shopping), & pretty affordable in comparison to hotels around it. It’s kind of a trendy blogger/fashion-spot lately, and the restaurant is getting kind of famous-ish. Like, the Kardashians are always there when they’re in NYC… so #hip. I 100% recommend this hotel if you’re staying in Soho. Click here for a full Nomo Soho post!


An Ever-Growing, Badass Guide to New York City // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com
An Ever-Growing, Badass Guide to New York City // www.HustleAndHalcyon.comJack’s Wife Freda: Brunch! I love their Cantaloupe Mimosas, Watermelon Juice, Green Shakshuka, & the HOUSE CURED DUCK BACON. Using bacon as your utensil to eat the Shakshuka optional ( but preferred ). This place is one of those trendy, blogger-must Soho stops. I’d go for an early brunch to beat the lines… because lines are a huge NO. There are two locations, so make sure you look up which one is closest to ya!

The Butcher’s Daughter: I saw The Butcher’s Daughter on many-a-list from other bloggers when summing up their fav restaurants in NYC. I ordered the Green Goddess Juice and the Avocado Toast for lunch. Let me just say, I cannot stop dreaming of this avocado toast. It is, quite frankly, the best avocado toast I’ve ever had in my life. They have a new location in LA now! Happiest Human.

The Spotted Pig: Another GREAT brunch/lunch spot! I ordered the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (to dieeee). Also, they serve their mimosas up pretty fat, so I recommend one.. or 8. You have to get an order of the Shoestring Fries as well! They’re like… the teeniest fries I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re s’cuuuute. This place is kind of tiny so plan ahead!

Scarpetta: It’s a little pricey, but you gotta splurge a little. They have this INSANE bread at Scarpetta… it’s like pizza bread (I’m sure there’s a fancier term for it) & I think I had 3823894 pieces. I ordered the Bolla Bacca cocktailto start and the Wild Striped Bass for din. I also got to try the Duck (which was the special menu item) & the Organic Chicken. A+.

Street Food: Honestly, one of my favorite meals to get in NYC is the pizza from little no-name pizza shops. The hot dog stands are obviously infamous too. Also, I got a crepe from a street vendor & that was another freakin’ awesome ‘meal’ (if you wanna call it that).

Shake Shack: Um, this shit is like In-N-Out but maybe a little better ( woah… did I just say that? ). Personally, I enjoy my Shake Shack at 3 am delivered to my bed by Postmates… but that’s just me. Oh, & you HAVE to order a shake with your burger & fries. Obviously.

Balthazar: This is a trendy little european-style restaurant in Soho. I recommend Balthazar for dinner ( such a perfect NYC night ambiance ) & DEFINITELY make a reservation! The wine list is killer.

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT NYC | Guide to New York City | www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

Queen of the Night NYC: YOU HAVE TO GO TO THIS. Seriously, it’s an amazing dinner/show/night out experience. Queen of the Night is like Cirque du Soleil meets heathen-like feeding and scandalous, dark story-line. You can read more about QOTN here. You’ll have to plan a little ahead and by tickets!

The Mercer Kitchen: This place ( undoubtedly ) has the best meal I’ve eaten in New York thus far. I like to start with a dirty ( really dirty ) martini & oysters. The MAIN EVENT: The Salmon with mashed potatoes & brussels sprouts. It is UNBELIEVABLE. Every single bite is heaven.


An Ever-Growing, Badass Guide to New York City // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar: On the top of the Conrad Hotel, this rooftop bar a river view & ‘Prosecco and Icepop’ cocktails! It’s not a super grand & show-y kind of place, which I really enjoyed. The chill vibes & the more quiet atmosphere are the perfect combo for relaxing in the city! I like the Raspberry-Thyme Popsicle Cocktail for draaaank and Rosemary Aged Machego & the Sea Salt/Olive Oil Potato Chips to snack. You can see the Statue of Liberty from afar from this rooftop! You can be a tourist without having to endure the crowds (& you’ll have a cocktail in-hand… what could be better?).

Le Bain: This is another rooftop spot (on top of The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking district), and it seems to be the ‘hip’/touristy bar. The view from the roof is stellar, and it’s connected to another spot called the Boom Boom Room, which is a crazy place to grab a drink too (there’s a HOT TUB in this place… woah). I think Le Bain is just a bar you have to go to say you did it (& so you know what everyone’s talking about when they bring it up in convo).

The Box: HOLY SHIT, y’all. The Box ( as seen in Gossip Girl ( the scene where Blair does a strip tease for Chuck #YAS ) ) is a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar that features all these scandalous/obscene ( but really… obscene, no-phones-allowed ) shows. Last time I was in NYC, we went at around 1 AM ( thats when the shows start ) and we left at, like, 6 AM. The Box is an EXPERIENCE. Do it. PS: you may need to reserve a table or something. It kind of depends! I’d call before you go.


An Ever-Growing, Badass Guide to New York City // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

ModelFit: I’M CRAZY FOR MODELFIT NOW. The workout is meant to tone & tighten all the little muscles in your stomach, butt, thighs, arms, back, etc. to give you that long, lean, model-esque figure. You have to focus on moving your body correctly & working your muscles with very small, subtle movements. When you get it right, it’s a freakin’ intense workout. My ass was burning/sore for days. PS: you MAY just see the likes of T-Swift & Karlie Kloss up in this place.

Shopping: Because, Duh. Reformation, & Other Stories, Aritzia, Mango, SO MUCH VINTAGE & then the usual F21. I’ve shopped on 5th Ave before as well, and it’s definitely something to see. It’s not my preferred spot (hello…. expensive-as-hell) & the crowds are extremely present around that area, but it’s a place you gotta mark off the list.

Exploring Alone: Call me a weirdo, but one of my favorite things to do is explore a new place alone. I put on some happy NYC-ish tunes, bopped around town, and just took it all in. It’s so calming. I also really like eating alone… *awkward silence because everyone’s like WTF.* BUT, it actually is so stimulating & relaxing at the same time. Warning: you may be approached by random guys who think you are all sad, lonely and that you need some type of saving (enter: pickup lines & weird attempted banter)… at which point you politely tell them to GTFO. You HAVE to explore & eat alone… and don’t be the least bit ashamed.


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