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Guilt-Free, Skinny Dessert: Lemon “Cake” with Coconut Ice Cream & Raspberries

A Skinny-Mini Dessert: Lemon "Cake" with Coconut Ice Cream and Raspberries! [Add Some Chia Seeds, Because Why Not?] | www.HustleAndHalcyon.com Hi guys!!

So, today I’m sharing a little dessert that I found/manipulated from one of my favorite healthy lifestyle blogs, The Skinny Confidential (she created this yum-o, little lemon/berry crumble here).

I decided to forgo all of the crumbly-goodness (though I do LURVE it) & add a little coconut ice cream to give mine that hot/cold contrast that I just DIE over. And, ya know I had to add some chia seeds to fillllll me up just that much more.

I like this kind of ‘dessert’ when I want something sweet, but I don’t want to feel bloated, disgusting, and in need of a sugar-detox. I like the natural sugar from the fruit/lemon and the liiiiiitle extra in the ice cream, because it satisfies my sweet-tooth without giving me a stomach ache.

Heres the dealio… BTW: There are 103023408 ways to make this, so I’ll give you some suggestions!

What You’ll Need:

Vanilla Snakaroons (or Lemon Snakaroons)
• Lemon Juice (Unless you’re using Lemon-Snakaroons)
• Raspberries
• Amy’s Vanilla/Coconut Ice Cream
• Chia Seeds for Topping


1. Take 1 Serving of the Snakaroons of your choice (2 mini-cakes), squeeze some lemon juice on top, and heat them up to your liking ( I just use a quick microwave zap!… I know its not necessarily the healthiest… but this is supposed to be quick-n-easy! )
2. After warming, place in a bowl (or this cute mug) with 1 serving of coconut ice-cream, raspberries, and sprinkle chia seeds on top!
3. Enjoy!

Other options:

• I’ve also tried this dessert with Lemon Pie Cocoroons, and it was SOO delicious. You can pick this types of ‘Cakes’ up at your local health-food store! Its such a guilt-less way to enjoy a delicious dessert.
• Heat up the raspberries a little, give them a mini-mashing w/ a little honey, and use them as more of a syrup-y topping. Sooooo good!
• You could really use any flavor of little Snakaroons/Cocoroons that you want… Chocolate would probably be sooo decadent!

Do you have any guilt-free dessert faves? Link them here, so I can give them a try!

Also: Thanks for all the sweet texts/ e-mails about my eye surgery recovery.. I always forget how coooool-AF the blogger/creative communities that I’m a part of can be! I’m still stuck in bed, so I’m blogging my life away/researching locations for upcoming projects/ contacting some wonderful brands that I hope to work with soon! This little break from real life has gotten my creative energy flowing… can’t complain, I guess!



All Photos by MegMc Photography

A Skinny-Mini Dessert: Lemon "Cake" with Coconut Ice Cream and Raspberries! [Add Some Chia Seeds, Because Why Not?] | www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

1 Response
  • jo carol redd
    04 . 23 . 2015

    Love reading and seeing my beautiful Grand daughter’s blog. She has always been creative and Fashion and Style should be her middle name! Keep up the good work and remember we are all so proud of you and love you. mamajo