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Halcyon Habits: Journaling

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Halcyon Habits are BACK!

If you missed August’s Halcyon Habit ( manifesting your life + thinking more positively ), you can read about that here. Maybe I should do a follow-up post detailing how actively cultivating that habit changed my life in the last month or so?

Because, lemme tell ya, IT DID. I feel like I’ve grown A LOT as human since implementing that kind of thinking into my daily life. It requires effort & being intentional with your thoughts, but it has paid off thus far.

In big ways.

Because I’m starting this Halcyon Habit later in September, we are going to make this habit my September AND October habit. So, we’ll be on this one for a little over a month.

Just because I am starting a new habit doesn’t mean I’m going to leave August’s habit in the dust. Halcyon Habits are about slow implementing and cultivating new skills and ways of thinking that you can forever apply to your life.

So, my September/October habit is: DAILY JOURNALING.

As a person who thoroughly enjoys writing, journaling with ACTUAL PEN & PAPER is something I’ve done in the past to calm myself, to reflect, & to relax. There’s something cathartic about it. So, why not journal for a few minutes ( or more ) every day?

Taking time to journal daily slows you down & allows you a moment of silence to think. How often do you REALLY get to ACTIVELY THINK about your life on a daily basis? A lot of day-to-day life is going through the motions, going to work, conversing with family/co-workers/roommates. Journaling gives you something to think about that you otherwise wouldn’t block off time for.

Step 1: Find a Journal

As a personal who’s more aesthetically-driven, finding a nice journal is important to me. My ideal journal is the size of your average spiral notebook ( maybe only a little smaller ), lined & neutral in color.

If you want to grab a journal at the store, I’ve found good ones at Target, Cost Plus World Market, and Barnes & Noble.

Step 2: Journaling Topics

I keep a running list of prompts in a secret board on my Pinterest account to have for a rainy day. You can find TONS of journaling prompts on Pinterest by simply searching ‘prompts’. I’ll go ahead and make my prompts list public, so all of y’all can see that here!

Other things I like to journal about, if I don’t feel like going off of a more in-depth prompt:

– something that I’m grateful for today ( flashbacks to last month’s habit )
– a list of lofty goals I’d like to accomplish
– a list of cool things/activities I could do ( this one is fun, it causes you to think of random, weird or interesting things, like learning to bake a pie or some shit. think of it as an imaginative to-do list. )
– quotes I like
– specific places I’d love to go

If you’re following me on Instagram, I’ll share a new prompt daily for y’all to write about if you need some inspo! You can find them on stories + in my #HalcyonHabits highlight!

Other Details

So, start by trying to sit down and journal for 5 minutes each day. You may find yourself getting swept away, losing track of time & journaling for longer. Even if you don’t want to, or you’re busy, or you’re tired, I encourage you to take that initial 5 minutes to relax, reflect, and write.

I usually prefer to journal at night, but I know a TON of people who wake up & journal in the morning ( writing about the things you’re grateful for in the morning is a beautiful way to start your day! ).

Are y’all in?? Make sure to use #HalcyonHabits on socials if you’re getting in on the September/October habit! I’m excited to see what y’all think of this month’s habit.

I hope we can all learn something or experience some ZEN every day as a result of it.

& don’t forget to check my Instagram story daily for prompts! I also loovvvve to hear y’alls’ feedback, so if you do this and LOVE it, or if you write something interesting, or if you learn something new, DM ME!

Talk soon, loves! x