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#HalcyonHabits: The Secret & “Manifesting”

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So, I do this thing where I attempt to develop a new habit on a monthly basis. I’ve actually done this a lot in my life, and for some reason, I never thought to share.

I was thinking about this month’s habit the other day, & I figured WHY NOT share my monthly habits with y’all. Lets all become better humans together, shall we?

They say creating a habit takes 30 days ( whoever “they” is ), which is why I set myself up for one habit a month. Y’all get it.

I’ll be sharing how I go about implementing habits into my daily life on Instagram stories ( I’ll make a lil #HalcyonHabits section )! If y’all want to get involved & do some habit-building with me, just mention me on stories &/or use #HalcyonHabits!

I’m v excited about this.

so, this month’s habit:
practice manifesting

Okay, I get it. This is VERY LA of me, I’m know.

Recently, I’ve become re-obsessed with the book called The Secret. It’s an oldie, but goodie, & I truly believe it outlines the secret to life/ultimate life-hack: you create the life you want with your thoughts.

It’s so obvious, but we forget this sometimes. Or we don’t understand just how powerful our thoughts are. We become what we think of. I could go on forever on this topic, but I’ll just let y’all read/listen to the book OR watch the documentary on Netflix ( yeah, the intro is kind of weird, don’t let that scare you away, LOL ).

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to finding inspiration for work & life through the words of others. Like I’ve said before, my quote board on Pinterest is pretty legendary, if I do say so myself. I notice that I need DAILY inspiration to get my ass up & get to working ( AKA: creating the life I want ), and I would assume most of you do too.

SO, for the month of August, I’m reminding myself to visualize & ~manifest~ the things I want for myself by listening to or reading The Secret for a little bit every day. I’ll listen to it when I’m walking, sitting in the Sauna, driving, or working throughout the day or read right before bed.

I feel like I pick up something new every time I listen, and the daily reminder is making it easier to stay in the positive mindset for longer periods of time, instead of reverting back to old ways of thinking.

It’ll take daily effort, but, I think, by the end of the month, positive & directed thinking will be more of a habit than a chore. We’ll see.

Who’s going to do this with me???

Next month, I think I’m going to do something more tangible like daily stretching or eating more veggies. What habits are y’all trying pick up?? Share!

Talk soon, beebs.