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Banana “Ice Cream” Sundae Recipe

Healthy Banana Ice Cream Recipe by Hustle + Halcyon

Ahhh, Banana Ice Cream ( also referred to as “Nice Cream” ). A classssssic trade-in for your typical full-fat, dairy indulgence.

Growing up in my family, post-dinner ice cream time was sacred. We worship the ice cream sundae Gods like it’s our religion.

When I was little, after dinner, my mom would grab the BlueBell, whipped cream, and sprinkles, and we would all line up at the kitchen island to create our daily ice cream sundae. This seems like a cute/sweet family tradition, but, in reality, we were all peering into each others’ bowls, making sure someone didn’t steal too much of one flavor. It was v serious.

I loaded up my sundae with sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar every night, because that’s what you can do when you’re like 12 years old and gaining weight isn’t a thing.


Gone are the days of 5 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream a night. I miss them dearly.

Nicecream Sundae Recipe on Hustle + Halcyon


Healthy Ice Cream Recipe with Payton Sartain of Hustle + Halcyon

Thankfully, I found a replacement for all that refined sugar in BANANA “ICE CREAM.”

Y’all know that most of the recipes I make on H+H are things I’ve found to replace all of the sweet & indulgent food I’ve always loved. All of the recipes in my recipe index have been tested & approved by me, the most picky bitch ever.

I make at-home recipes that feel like I’m indulging, when really I’m eating something fruit or veggie based that will nourish my body AND satisfy my sweet ( or savory ) tooth.

Banana ice cream is a base of, you guessed it, frozen bananas & a little unsweetened almond milk. The bananas make this “ice cream” super sweet. I add in a few ingredients to the ice cream ( usually cinnamon & maybe some turmeric/protein for added nourishment ) to give it a heavier flavor, and then I top with fruits, chia seeds, & 2-ingredient chocolate syrup.

I recommend buying a bunch of bananas, peeling & chopping them into bite-size pieces, and placing them in tupperware in the freezer, so you’ll always have some prepared. I use frozen bananas for SO many things, so this is the easiest way for me to always have some on-hand.

Easy AF.

Hustle + Halcyon's Healthy Ice Cream Recipe

Payton Sartain's healthy banana ice cream recipe

What You’ll Need

“Ice Cream”
Frozen Bananas ( about 2-3 for one serving! )
Unsweetened Almond Milk ( amount varies on preferred thickness– I add mine in slowly! )
Cinnamon ( preferred amount– I use quite a bit! )
Chia Seeds
*sometimes I add some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides if I’m feelin’ fit.

Toppings ( optional )
2-Ingredient Chocolate Syrup
Chia Seeds
Organic, Raw Honey


1. Place frozen bananas & dash of almond milk in a food processor. Add Cinnamon/Chia/Protein/whatever else to the ice cream base. Blend, adding almond milk or more frozen bananas, until it’s your desired consistency.
2. Top with your desired toppings, and you’re done!

Hustle + Halcyon's healthy banana ice cream recipe


It’s not quite BlueBell ice cream level, I’ll be honest, but it’s pretty damn good.

I’m not really the hugest fan of bananas, and I’m loving this stuff lately. Adding in a lot of cinnamon gives it an almost cinnamon-roll taste and I’m freaking obsessed.

So do y’all love…. or do y’all love??

Anyways, I’m headed to Toronto tonight with a friend, Sophie, to visit our friend Sydney! I’ve never been to Canada before, so I’m pretty interested to see how this goes.

In true Canadian fashion ( or atleast what I consider to be “true canadian fashion” ), the weather in Toronto includes freezing temps, rain, & snow. I’m currently peering out of my window in sunny Santa Monica, wondering why I ever booked a red-eye to Canada in April.

Oh yeah, it’s because I was drunk & my friends and I decided it was a good idea at the time.

Hm. *hates self.*

Oh well, I think it’ll be fun anyways. Y’all come along on snapchat (payton_sartain) & insta stories as per usual!

Talk soon. xx

6 Responses
  • Ewa Macherowska
    04 . 06 . 2017

    Yummy <3

  • Krista Williams
    04 . 10 . 2017


    i do this ALL THE TIME with vital proteins and pearl powder – sometimes even protein powder or cacao to make it chocolate.

    Love your RECIPES.

    Happy Monday babes!

    • paytonsartain
      04 . 19 . 2017

      Thank you babe!!! Need to try Pearl Powder!

  • Kim
    04 . 18 . 2017

    Never been to Toronto either, but west Canada (Vancouver) weather isn’t as bad lol. The Rockies are prety too. Have a nice trip! 🙂

  • Kim
    04 . 18 . 2017

    PS. This recipe sounds super delicious! And a great alternative to Blue Bell. Though nothing beats the original! Haha