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How to Style a Swimsuit

Hi beebs!

Let’s talk about styling swimwear, shall we?

My recent trip to Miami has me inspired to take my swim style from somewhat-basic to MIAMI MAMI. Sometimes you just have to be a little extra ( please also see this swim look for reference ), if only to make life just a tad more interesting.

I’ve rounded up this look ( I couldn’t find this exact suit in-stock online ANYWHERE, but I’ve found something similar! ) & more in this post, sharing my favorite beach-ready accessories from Revolve, Urban Outfitters, & Nordstrom.

So, get ready for loads of shoppable goodness! Y’all requested this one, so here ya go, beebs!

When it comes to swimsuit styling, I have a few staple accessory go-tos:

a versatile scarf: tie as a head-wrap or use as a cover-up
sunglasses: I like shades that aren’t too large, & in a classic shape
BIG-ASS earrings: “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe” is the vibe I’m going for
body jewelry: I went for boujee & bold here, but I like dainty body jewels too

start with the suit

add the scarf

throw on a pair of shades

chose your statement earring

body baubles, optional

Et voila, that’s my formula for swimsuit-styling success.

This look is one of my favorite swim outfits I’ve ever worn, & we shot it in one of my favorite getaways in the States ( Miami, obviously ). How BEAUTIFUL is this backdrop?? Take me back. Immediately.

That’s it for today, wiener-gals. Keeping it short & sweet because I’m hungover as hell and I can’t be expected to use my brain too much right now.

I’m at the airport ( BTW– traveling hungover is a form of torture, I’m pretty sure ) headed back to LA after what feels like an ETERNITY away from perfect weather, my apartment & my BED. I miss it.

I’ll just be over here chugging water & green juice, trying to function like a relatively-normal person today. It’s been challenging thus far.

Talk soon, babes!! x

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