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Super Chill Collaborative Playlist

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In the spirit of Sunday, today I’m sharing the newest addition to the Hustle + Halcyon Collaborative Playlist series: a SUPER chill playlist.

I listen to relaxing, calm, occasionally-depressing songs ( lol, I’m dramatic ) most evenings & when I’m going to sleep. Sometimes you just need something zen playing in the background when you’re trying to chill out.

Most week-night evenings, I put on my sweats, throw my hair in a bun, light my candles + load my essential oil diffuser & start my nightly routine. Sometimes my nightly routine means finishing up work/organizing/browsing Pinterest, sometimes it means doing an in-depth skincare routine, & sometimes it mean writing in my journal, sipping on some hot tea.

I love a good chill-out session before bed.

I’m really loving the songs y’all have added to the Going OUT Out Playlist, so I’m interested to see what y’all add to this one. What music do y’all listen to to calm yourself?

Click Here for the H+H Chiller Collaborative Playlist

Go follow the H+H Chiller Playlist & add your favorites! Let’s have a super SUNDAY-y Sunday & listen to relaxing ( &, again, maybe a bit depressing (sorry) ) music.

Wine/tea, lit candles, dimmed lights & a face-mask optional, but encouraged.

Talk soon, beebs. x