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3-Ingredient Ice Cream Pie: EASIEST Dessert EVER

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3-Ingredient Ice Cream Pie | Hustle + Halcyon


First of all, ice cream has been a staple in my diet since ( basically ) birth. Actually, though. It’s an addiction at this point.

Let’s start from the beginning: my childhood was dessert-mania. Every night after dinner ( seriously… every night ), my family would congregate in the kitchen to craft our personal ice-cream sundaes.

Bluebell. Chocolate Sauce. Sprinkles. Whipped Cream.


My life is much fancier now, so the ice cream pie is the new version of the little-beebus sundae. BUT– this recipe is so easy my 7-year-old self could’ve put it together.

3-Ingredient Ice Cream Pie | Hustle + Halcyon

What You’ll Need

♥ Frozen Pie Crust ( I got Gluten Free! )
♥ Ice Cream
♥ Whipped Cream

How-To ( OK– this is kind of obvious, but here goes.. )

♥ Bake frozen pie crust ( per the instructions it comes with ).
♥ Fill with ice cream.
♥ Top with whipped cream.
♥ Place in freezer for 15-20 minutes to set.
♥ Place into your face hole & enjoy.

3-Ingredient Ice Cream Pie | Hustle + Halcyon

You could make it a tad healthier with Halo Top ice cream or frozen yogurt. I’m DYING over this organic ice cream from Whole Foods, though. The ingredients are top notch…. so damn good.

I must admit that I’m still pretty loyal to my ice-cream-sundae-per-night regimen, but I like to switch it up a bit every now & then.

This ice cream pie is too freaking easy to pass up. Plus, it kind of looks like you’re being super domestic & adult-like with your fancy pie dessert.

Again, fooling everyone into thinking I’m a chef. LOLZ– yeah right.

For more simple & ( mostly ) healthy recipes, check the Hustle + Halcyon recipe index!

Talk soon, lovers. xx


3-Ingredient Ice Cream Pie | Hustle + Halcyon

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