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Buh-Bye Puffy Morning Face… Hellllllo, Ice Rolling!

ICE ROLLING: Buh-Bye Puffy Face, Hello Ice Facials! | hustle + halcyon


The Diaries of an Ice Rolling-Obsessed Beebus.

So, let’s start from the beginning.

Once upon a time, there lived a beebus ( me ), with the puffiest, scariest morning face to ever be seen south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Every morning, upon waking, she could barely open her eyes because her face/eye bags were too swollen. People often asked her if she was feeling okay because she looked extremely ill at all times.

… you see where I’m going with this.

LOL. But really, I have some major face inflammation issues, especially in the morning. I’ve been super self-conscious of my puffy under-eye bags my whole life. They’re the worst.

In college, I discovered at-home ice facials ( which should’ve been more obvious to me, but OK ) through a post on Lauren Conrad’s blog & another post on Into the Gloss. They were kind of life-changing.

Basically, for an ice facial, you grab an ice cube, wrap it in a paper towel or thin fabric towel, let it sit & soak the towel for a sec, & rub the wrapped ice cube on your face to lessen facial inflammation. Sometimes people get all fancy with it & freeze their ice cubes with aloe, watermelon, rose water, etc.

So, I used this technique most mornings to make myself feel a little more presentable & normal looking.

ICE ROLLING: Buh-Bye Puffy Face, Hello Ice Facials! | hustle + halcyon

Since then, I have discovered a WAY EASIER/cleaner way to do ice facials. Applying actual ice to your face can get messy, & I’m NOT into that one bit.

Enter: Ice Rolling.

I saw this gadget on The Skinny Confidential‘s snapchat, & I was instantly intrigued. I headed over to Amazon to buy one right away.

Using the ice roller is easy: put it in the freezer to get super chilled & roll it on your face/neck for a few minutes every morning.

The icy sensation is INCREDIBLE & so, SO addicting. It’s a serious “ahhhhh” moment every morning. Seriously…. I can’t help but say that out loud because it’s the best feeling ever, ever, ever.

I always concentrate rolling ( very gently ) around my eyes to cool & release any built-up sinus pressure.

When I’m on the go, I grab my ice roller on the way out the door, & roll my face in the car. Image: Me, in a rush, under-eye pads on, rolling my face & driving around Santa Monica while people look at me thinking I’m a raging maniac.

Maybe I am… who’s to say, really?

Last week, I got the best facial of my life at FaceHaus in LA, & they used their version of an ice roller on me following applying a probiotic facial mask. So, now I use the roller on a masked-face after the mask has been on a few minutes ( if I have time to treat myself to a mask in the morning ) or I use it directly after applying moisturizer.

When it’s time to clean your roller, you just pop the roller off, clean, & re-attach. So simple. No Mess.

ICE ROLLING: Buh-Bye Puffy Face, Hello Ice Facials! | hustle + halcyon

Post-face-rolling, you’ll have that just-went-skiing, natural glow that I absolutely love. I loathe cold weather, but I do deeply enjoy the snow-kissed, pinky glow I get from a day on the slopes.

I’m talking what people consider to be a ‘morning quickie’ glow, which is an entirely inaccurate depiction of what one looks like after that happens, in my opinion. BUT, OK @Nars. I am LOL-ing at Trace Barnhill’s description of what post-O glow looks like IRL in this Into the Gloss post.

Too fucking true, omg.

Anywho, some benefits of ice rolling include:

rolling include pore refining
reduction in inflammation/bloating/puffiness
calming acne
promoting blood circulation

& preventing wrinkles

PLUS– did I mention it feels like highest heaven wrapped in a double-double cheeseburger & dipped in chocolate?


Okay, I need to leave. I gotta get outta here.

Wait, a few more things before I make myself step away from the keyboard & the spaz child it brings out in me:

  1. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public TOMORROW! Be sure to stop by here tomorrow morning to shop all of my top picks because I’ve already done all of the heavy lifting/shopping  for ya!
  2. I’ll probably be posting TWICE tomorrow because the Nordstrom sale has me all worked up. YASS.

Okay, that’s it for my ice rolling rant babes. Talk in a bit. xx



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