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Morning Iced Coffee Recipe to Fuel Your Day

Fuel-the-Day Iced Coffee Routine | hustle + halcyon

Clearly I wasn’t able to get this post up yesterday ( or the day before ), so today’s THE DAY to share my recent morning iced coffee routine.

I usually snap my iced coffee recipe weekly, because it changes so often, but I always find myself coming back to this simple, nutritious, & REFRESHING recipe.

Whenever I snap these kinds of recipes, I find that I get SO many screenshots, so I’m going to make some of them a bit easier in a full video form ( found below )!

Can ya dig it??

My morning routine usually starts out with a cup of warm lemon water while I make my breakfast. Lately, my go-to breakfast has been: scrambled eggs ( 2 whites & 1 whole egg ) with spinach, half an avocado on whole grain, gluten-free toast, & some sort of fruit ( usually strawberries or raspberries ).

Because I make this every morning, I can usually whip it up pretty quickly.

Fuel-the-Day Iced Coffee recipe | hustle + halcyon

After I’m done with breakfast, I make a big-ASS-glass of iced coffee to drink while looking over e-mails & reviewing the day’s plans. BTW: I’m really digging this reusable mason jar ( with a lid & straw! ) right now.

My morning iced coffee is a morning treat that I look forward to every day. I have it after breakfast so it feels more like a dessert ( bc I’m addicted to dessert…. ).

Ahh… the simple things.

Because I drink iced coffee EVERY morning, I splurge on quality, organic ingredients to put in it.

Also, each ingredient is packed with day-fueling nutrients that definitely improve my overall mood/well-being.

Fuel-the-Day Iced Coffee recipe | hustle + halcyon

Fuel-the-Day Iced Coffee recipe | hustle + halcyon

What You’ll Need

Cold Brew Iced Coffee ( I use Organic Trader Joe’s Cold Brew )
Cashew Milk

Fuel-the-Day Iced Coffee Routine | hustle + halcyon

Fuel-the-Day Iced Coffee recipe | hustle + halcyon


Mix 1 part cold brew with 2 parts cashew milk ( I used a little more cold brew than normal in the video ) & stir to combine. Add a tablespoon or so of raw honey and dashes of turmeric & cinnamon. Stir thoroughly until ingredients are dissolved. Add ice & enjoy!

Fuel-the-Day Iced Coffee recipe | hustle + halcyon

Here are a few of the benefits of each ingredient to take into consideration.

Coffee: reduces risk of developing type 2 diabetes, can help prevent liver disease induced by alcohol consumption, lowers levels of depression, shown to reduce risk of skin cancer in women. ( source )
Cashew Milk: low in sugar, low in calories, contains lots of vitamin B12.
Honey: natural sweetener, boosts immunity, can calm cough. ( source )
Cinnamon: loaded with antioxidants, has antimicrobial properties to support immune system, anti-inflammatory, regulates blood sugar ( GREAT for in the morning! ). ( source )
Turmeric: natural anti-inflammatory, increases antioxidant capacity of the body, benefits brain function. ( source )

Like I’ve said before, I try to be very intentional in all areas of my life ( New Year’s Resolution still going strong! ), and especially when it comes to what I put in my body to fuel it.

I could definitely stand to improve upon my intentional-lifestyle approach, so I work at it daily, confronting even little decisions with this mindset. It makes my life a little more simple, actually.

Fuel-the-Day Iced Coffee recipe | hustle + halcyon

One last thing to note about my fav iced coffee recipe is all of the anti-inflammatory ingredients it contains, ASP cinnamon & turmeric. Detoxifying my body and reducing inflammation brought on from laying still in bed all night is key to starting my day off on the right foot.

Don’t want to feel all bloated & nasty first thing in the morning…

Well, I’m off to make my daily iced coffee recipe right now, actually.

TTYL– kk?



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