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Kombucha Moscow Mules

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Hustle + Halcyon Kombucha Mule-Pinterest2

Wiener girls, wiener girls.

I was at dinner with a few other bloggers last night, and I said ‘wiener girl’ in normal conversation ( as per usual, because I forget that people don’t know what that means ), & everyone was like excuse WTF are you saying.

Now, it’s everyone’s favorite thing to say. Kind of rolls off the tongue, right? As y’all might’ve noticed, sometimes I’ll shorten wiener girl to wiener, ween, weenie baby…. ya know, totally normal nicknames.

So anyways, wieners, today’s simple recipe is one of my go-to cocktails. On top of being low in calories & sugar, it’s so easy to make and doesn’t taste anything like alcohol. I’m not into tasting every fiber of vodka while I’m casually going through my ruin-my-body-with-alcohol weekend routine.

AND you can rest assured knowing you have filled your bod with plenty of probiotic power while you poisoned it with vodka. I think that means it cancels it out, right?

HA. Let’s just pretend that’s the case.

3-Ingredient Kombucha Mules | Hustle + Halcyon 3-Ingredient Kombucha Mules | Hustle + Halcyon

What You’ll Need

Lime Juice

I used: GT’s Gingerade Kombucha ( less than 1g of sugar per drink ) & Tito’s Vodka ( it’s gluten-free ).

How To Make

Combine 1 shot of vodka (1.5 ounces), 1-2 shots of kombucha (1.5-3 ounces), & the juice of half a lime. Pour over ice. Cheers!

3-Ingredient Kombucha Mules | Hustle + Halcyon 3-Ingredient Kombucha Mules | Hustle + Halcyon

I’ve been downing a glass of kombucha a day lately, so I always have it on-hand. Like I said before, Kombucha’s acidity covers up the taste of alcohol extremely well. Ginger kombucha is the perfect lightened-up swap for ginger beer.

Throwing y’all some major Friday inspiration with this one. 

Hope everyone has the best weekend ever! I just landed in Austin, TX for a little weekend fun back in my favorite state. 

I’m literally typing this on my phone while I wait for my bag at the airport. The blog life NEVER stops…. Or maybe I’m just obsessed. 

Come along this weekend on snapchat or, dare I say it, Insta stories! 

Cheers! xx  

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