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Lace-Up Body Suit & Bells

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Lace-Up Bodysuit + Flares | Hustle + Halcyon Lace-Up Bodysuit + Flares | Hustle + Halcyon

Sup Doods.

Monday has already gotten the best of me… & its 9:30 AM.

I had a test this morning that I’m fairly certain that I failed.

BUT, I treated myself to some Jalapeño Popcorn for breakfast ( LOL ) on the walk home from my test failing, and it totally turned my day around.

Okay. Moving on.


Really, though. I am so obsessed. More specifically, I’m obsessed with the lace-up bodysuit trend. They’re SO easy, but it looks like you put in a bunch of effort to be all scandalous and tied up. Remember this post? Another lace-up bodysuit fav. 

Also, body suits are SO comfortable. HA… it actually kind of reminds me of one of a baby onesie.

…. weird?

Whatever, you get my point, they are comfortable.

So, be prepared to see a whole lot of lace up action & a lot of body suits on Hustle + Halcyon this fall.

Body Suit | Jeans | Similar Shoes: 1 & 2 | Choker | Similar Purse | Sunnies

Lace-Up Bodysuit + Flares | Hustle + Halcyon Lace-Up Bodysuit + Flares | Hustle + Halcyon

If you’ve been an H+H reader for a bit, you’ll recognize my FAV choker ever ( made by my friend Amanda over at Pricklie Pear ). Amanda makes a ton of different types of necklaces/chokers, and she can even customize a piece for you, if you want. Side: this girl is SO freakin’ cool. I met her briefly when I lived in Los Angeles, and her energy is infectious & her love for her biz is super inspiring. I love meeting people like that.

A true beebus if I’ve ever met one.

Also, I’m basically living in these Articles of Society Bells this fall. AOS has become one of my favorite denim brands, because they’re quality jeans, but they aren’t ridiculously expensive. Also, I like that the back pockets are plain-jane, simple & logo-less. I think a clean pocket is so much more classy than one with some huge, gaudy logo. Like… we don’t need to know that you spent your life savings on your jeans, thank you miss.

As far a makeup & shit.. I’m wearing the color Mauve from my Bobbi Brown Lipstick Post & I let my hair get all good and textured for a more 70’s-inspired style ( i.e. I didn’t brush it and just let it kinda do it’s thing ).

I luuuurve this outfit.

PS: Did y’all notice that Hustle + Halcyon is allllll new? What do you think of the new site?

I want some feedback, guys!

Talk soon. x

Photos by Erin Wiese. 

Lace-Up Bodysuit + Flares | Hustle + Halcyon

8 Responses
  • Lesh
    09 . 29 . 2015

    This outfit is so gorgeous. You seem to have taken to basic items – a bodysuit and jeans- and put them together for one stylish outfit. Lovely!


    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      09 . 29 . 2015

      TYSM LOVE.

  • Elizabeth
    09 . 29 . 2015

    First off, I love your new layout and revamping 😉
    But girlllll, this outfit is amazing! I am obsessed with anything lace up… and don’t even get me started with body suits, ugh they are a life savor!


    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      09 . 29 . 2015

      TYSM Beebus! Um… this body suit is amazing! Boohoo.com has some awesome body suits too… which you may already know idk. Can’t wait to look around your blog! Love the name.

  • Faithian
    09 . 30 . 2015

    your dress style is so amazing ,and I love it

  • Mindy
    09 . 30 . 2015

    Loving this look! Perfect for the 70’s trend right now 🙂 The platform sandals are adorable.