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Lately I’m Lovin’

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LATELY I'M LOVIN': THE MOST AMAZING CANDLE IN THE WORLD | HUSTLE + HALCYONsweet grapefruit scented soy candle :: p.f. candle co.

Heeeeeeey ladies. & maybe some gents.

First of all, TGIF. My life has just been so hard this week… I’m not sure how I’m even alive. HA. Jokes. I think I spent more time in bed/watching TV than when I discovered Game of Thrones. This is kind of a (really) scary realization, and I need to get back on the healthy-eating and being-more-active train. Anyone have any good motivation tips that will make me forgo the candy/ chips/ couch routine I’ve been living by for the last few days? Slob.

Anywhoooo. Here are a few of the things I’m loving as of late.

This candle. Holy shiznitt. If anyone ever wants to be my BFF and gift me something wonderful that will bring a smile to my face everyday: buy me one of these. This Sweet Grapefruit candle is the one that we keep in the showroom at For Love & Lemons ( well… this was my last week as an intern, so I guess “they” keep it in the showroom ). It seriously smells like a fruit roll-up tastes. Yes, those boxed, nasty-ass, sugar-filled fruit roll-ups that just so happen to be my favorite lunch cafeteria memory. I’m so in love, I might marry it.

ROCKSBOX MAY 2015 | HUSTLE + HALCYON ROCKSBOX MAY 2015 | HUSTLE + HALCYON ROCKSBOX MAY 2015 | HUSTLE + HALCYON Also getting the ‘Holy Shizznit’ reaction from me is Rocksbox. I recently signed up for this jewelry ‘club,’ and I cannot be happier about my first month as a member!

Here’s how it goes:
1. Sign up for Rocksbox ( & use my code hustleandhalcyonxoxo for your first month free! )
2. Create your ‘wish list’ on the website, so your stylist gets your vibes.
3. Once you’re a member, and you’ve created your wishlist, your stylist will choose 3 pieces of badass jewelry to send to you.
4. If you like the jewelry, you can purchase at a discounted price. If you don’t like the jewelry/want to wear it for a specific occasion, you can send it back with the enclosed shipping label, and Rocksbox will send you more jewelry.
How freakin‘ cool???

This month, I recieved the House of Harlow 1960 Ascension Necklace, the SLATE triangle studs and the Sophie Harper Double Bar ring.

I think this is the perfect program for bloggers or girls who are changing up their style a lot / don’t want to wear the same thing all the time. Its SO cheap & I obviously love everything in my first box. Props to my super-bomb stylist.

REMEMBER: Use my code for a free month: hustleandhalcyonxoxo ! Because why not give it a little go?

Acai Bowl Recipe | Hustle + HalcyonAcai Bowls. These are about to be my life this week. Ya know, getting back on the healthy-lifestyle bandwagon (as discussed earlier). For my FAVORITE Acai bowl recipe, please refer to this post. Its so simple, and SO DELICIOUS OMG.

I don’t have a TON of ‘loves’ lately. This is a highly-curated list of things to love. I mean…. find out for yourself. That IS why I do this post, after all: to share my loves in hopes that y’all will love everything too. So do ya?

Also, I have a shit ton of new photos with Claire Huntsberger coming to the blog verrrrry soon. Maybe even a whole new series… Hm… Idk, You’ll have to check H+H on Sunday (!!!). But really, Claire is the best photographer I’ve met in a long time. If you’re in CA & you need a photographer for blog photos, weddings, lookbooks, etc, I highly recommend her.

Until next time you little beebuses.