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At-Home Morning Latte Recipe

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I thought Sunday morning would be the perfect opportunity to unleash my newly-perfected MORNING LATTE recipe on y’all.

As I’ve mentioned on my Instagram story a few times, I’ve recently acquired a Nespresso ( my new angel-roommate, Chloe, blessed our apartment with one ), & it’s a total game-changer for the mornings.

The Nespresso we have is the Nespresso VertuoLine with the milk frother.

GET THE MILK FROTHER. It’s life-changing. The frother heats the milk to the PERFECT temperature, as well as frothing it up a bit & mixing in latte additions, like sugar/cinnamon/etc.

I always use nut milk for my morning latte, which doesn’t froth as much as regular milk, but it does froth enough to make me feel very fancy & European. I find that almond milk froths more than cashew or soy milk, btw.

What I like about the Nespresso we have is that it can make both regular coffee & espresso. My roommate likes Nespresso’s flavored coffees ( the caramel & the vanilla are yum! ).

I prefer espresso, so I buy espresso pods in bulk from Amazon. I’ve also purchased decaf espresso pods for days when my anxiety is much too prevalent to drink caffeine or for when I want a late-afternoon coffee without sacrificing shut-eye.

I’ve noticed that this little machine + bulk buying pods saves me money in the long-run. I highly recommend making the initial investment in a Nespresso if you’re one to visit a coffee shop daily for an overpriced latte ( me ).

BTW: this post is NOT SPONSORED at all. I just love my morning latte moment AND I think this purchase is SO SMART.

my morning latte recipe

I kick my morning latte up a notch with the addition of coconut sugar + cinnamon + himalayan sea salt. If I use a nut milk that doesn’t contain vanilla, I add vanilla as well. Not only do these ingredients taste INCREDIBLE, but they turn my regular latte into a good-for-you morning elixir.

Coconut sugar is low-gylcemic & a great sugar to have on-hand! I always have a few packets in my purse. Cinnamon balances your blood sugar + fights inflammation. Himalayan sea salt balances your body’s PH & contains necessary antioxidants.

what you’ll need

+ 1-2 shots of espresso
+ nut milk of choice ( I like Califia Farm’s Vanilla Almond Milk OR Toasted Coconut Almond Milk )
+ 1-2 tsp coconut sugar
+ dash or two of cinnamon
+ sprinkling of himalayan sea salt

how to

+ prepare espresso in the Nespresso ( or in whatever espresso machine you’re using! )
+ pour nut milk to top fill line in the milk frother
+ add coconut sugar, sea salt, & cinnamon ( I love cinnamon, so I add a lot! )
+ start milk frother ( it’ll combine the ingredients + heat the milk ) & wait until in automatically shuts off ( or overflows ).
+ pour milk into your cup with the espresso!

I CAN’T get enough of this morning latte. It’s so simple, loaded with nutritional benefits, & something to look forward to every morning.

Because I don’t usually get hungry in the mornings, I make myself my morning latte + a HUGE glass of lemon water, and sit down to work for a few hours.

Okay, MAYBE I go back for a second latte mid-morning, too ( decaf, of course ). There’s nothing like the warm, cinnamon/vanilla smell of this latte in the early AM to get my ass out of bed.

In fact, I’m sipping on my “morning latte” at 1 PM in my silky robe & fuzzy socks right now. This is what Sundays are for, ya know?

Are any of you Nespresso-crazed maniacs like me??? LMK. xx