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Let’s Talk Boxing


Boxing: The BEST workout

Location: Team Unleashed MMA and Fitness [Bryan, TX]

So, if you’re like me, you absolutely cannot stand going to the gym. I hate it so much that I’ve come up with a definitive list of reasons why going to the gym is horrible:


1) It’s overwhelming. Not only are there 5 million different confusing machines, but the gym houses the largest population of meatheads in your town.. most likely. They’re intimidating… grunting and lifting and looking scary.. no thanks.

2) You cannot do anything without some creepstar watching your every movement. Like, I can see you.. I’m looking straight at you.. I’m giving you a really uncomfortable look and you are still doing that.. stahhhp please.

3) I get so bored!  This many set of this many reps on this many machines, blah, blah, blah. I’m bored talking about this, let’s move on.

4) When you go to the gym, you are often only accountable to yourself. You need some crazy desire or work ethic to get your ass up and get to it for awhile.. I’m not the best at that. I always end up making excuses.

5) Gym memberships cost upwards of $40 a month.. how many classes do you actually go to.. and how many workouts do you get in for your money?

That being said, I started boxing a little over a year ago and I instantly fell in love with it. I was inspired to try it after watching last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and hearing some of the Angels talk about their love for the sport. So, I called my local boxing gym, Team Unleashed MMA and Fitness, and started private lessons with all-things-badass trainer and owner of Unleashed, Carl Perry.


A year later, every time I show up for boxing, I get my ass handed to me. My friends and I have gotten a little group together to do morning sessions, twice a week. It’s an insane workout, and I never leave feeling like I could’ve done more.. I’m usually drenched in sweat and shaking a little, just the way a good workout should end. I’ve always been amazed with how far you can push yourself physically, and I don’t get that kind of “Wow, I’m a badass” feeling when I run on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes.

The way our morning sessions usually go:

  • We start with two or three 3-minute rounds of jumprope, with 30-seconds of rest between each round.
  • Then, we hit the bags. Literally. We work punch combos for three or four rounds. I definitely underestimated how hard it is to be actively punching something for 3 minutes straight.. my arms. need to fall off. at this point.
  • Next, we do some rounds using focus mitts. This is when our instructor will hold up the flat (focus) mitts and make us throw different punch combinations. I like this part the best because it is usually the most difficult.. since our instructor is one-on-one with us. He won’t let you chill for half a second; you go the full time. Every time.
  • After all this, we do some brief conditioning, and by then, our hour is up. Quick. High intensity. & SO fun.

I’ve started to do some kickboxing and MMA at my gym as well, but I have to say the traditional boxing is still my #1. I really encourage anyone who likes high-intensity athletic training to try boxing at some point. It’s a workout that you “get out of it what you put in.” So, push yourself really hard for an hour, and then go home and feel like a total boss.

xox. PS

Pink Gloves

My roommate [Megan] doing some bag work.

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