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LED Light Therapy: Magical At-Home Skincare Tool

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I’ve been waiting a hot second to share one of my magical skincare secrets with y’all, because I wanted to MAKE SURE I was completely sold on this tool before recommending it.

I take skincare very seriously, because I’ve previously struggled with cystic & hormonal acne ( currently in the stage of getting rid of scarring! ), and the toll it took on my confidence is no joke.

I will do a YouTube video here pretty soon about how I cleared a lot of my more serious acne/texture issues, but until then, I’ll drop a few MAJOR skin-transforming tips here on the blog.

Though my skin is 10x better than before, I’m not completely out of the woods when it comes to pimples just yet. I do get the occasional surface-level breakout here & there, which usually becomes out-of-control-inflamed due to my sensitive skin.

Enter: LightStim.

I first discovered LightStim devices while getting an oxygen facial at an up-scale Beverly Hills spa. Since then, I’ve noticed that many skincare gurus use these top-notch LED devices to clam skin post-facial, which gives you that hydrated, calm look when we all love leaving the spa with.

Here’s the good news: LightStim makes smaller devices for daily use in the comfort of your own home. ALSO the treatment is SO QUICK.

BTW: I am not sponsored by LightStim. I bought the device I use daily & I really, really love it.

my specific device

I have the LigthStim device geared towards fighting acne, which means it uses both blue light ( to kill bacteria ) & red light ( to calm inflammation ).

how I use my LightStim

I keep my LightStim next to my bed, so I don’t have any excuse NOT to use it. After I go through my nightly skincare routine, I lay in bed, watch youtube/netflix/etc, and switch on my device.

You hold the device up to certain areas of your skin ( I obviously target areas that are inflamed with active acne or that are acne-prone, or spots where I feel a pimple coming on ), and I hold the device in each area for 3 minutes.

Usually, I use my device in 3-4 areas of my face, which means I use it for a total of 9-12 minutes. Easy-peasy.

Sometimes, if I’m just chillin’ at home or have a massive pimple, I’ll use my LightStim twice a day.

LightStim for Acne, $169

Like with anything else, consistency is key to yielding worthwhile results. I make an effort to use my LightStim every day, because I notice improvements in my skin when I do so.

I know that many of you are hard-working, badass girls who don’t want to throw away money on pointless skincare “miracles” that don’t end up actually doing anything for you. I also know that many of you suffer from the very same skincare issues I deal with daily!

So, as always, I’m being TOTALLY honest recommending this product. Its a bit of an investment ( in comparison to a simple cleanser or toner or one-time facial ), but I TRULY believe this product works wonders for acne-prone or inflamed skin.

In my eyes, it’s totally worth it.

Have any of you tried this device?? Or have you used LightStim at a spa or dermatologist’s office before?? Give me your thoughts!

Talk soon, babes! x