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Loungewear I’m Loving

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The perfect loungewear with Payton Sartain of Hustle + Halcyon

Hi weens.

I’m currently on a flight to Miami with my girl Kristen ( read more about the series of unfortunate/not-so-unfortunate events that landed us in Miami this week here, LOL ).

Getting work done on planes is one of my favorite things in life. For some reason, it feels more productive. I’m traveling thousands of miles AND getting my shit done at the same time.

Obviously, it doesn’t take much effort on my part to sit on my ass for 5 hours, while typing away on my laptop, but I’ve convinced myself that THIS is the pinnacle of efficient blogging practice. Let me just have this one, okay y’all???

K & I are SO ready for a relaxing week spent in the Miami sun. We’re staying in the Mid-Beach/South Beach area, so if y’all have any recommendations, definitely send them my way!

Talking loungewear with blogger Payton Sartain // Hustle + Halcyon

Summer Loungewear in Malibu with Payton Sartain of Hustle and Halcyon

Anywhooo, today: I want to talk about my favorite loungewear, as I’ve been inspired by my current just-rolled-out-of-bed plane outfit to do so.

As a full-time blogger, I spend 80% of my “work day” at home, sending e-mails, taking recipe photos, organizing, writing, etc. So, my “professional attire” is loungewear ( or my birthday suit ), because why the helllllll not?

It’s all very glamorous, I know.

Basically, I live in loungewear. Lately, I’ve been really into hanging out at home in comfy clothes that can double as a real person outfit, should I make the tough decision to actually leave my home.

I’m slowly-but-surely transforming my comfy clothes into cute AND comfy clothes with the help of jersey-knit rompers & mini dresses. Outfits that can multitask are KEY for the girl on a budget, too.

Oh, BTW: alllll of the rompers & mini dresses I’ve linked below are 20% off right now! Just sayin’.


Loungewear I'm Loving // Hustle + Halcyon

Loungewear I'm Loving by Payton Sartain of Hustle and Halcyon

Shop My Look

Shop More Loungewear I Love

Work-from-home-approved loungewear with Hustle and Halcyon Hustle + Halcyon on All Things Loungewear

All of this loungewear talk has me ready to be LOUNGING in the sun, drinking pina coladas & eating my favorite truffle fries in South Beach all damn day.

Call me crazy, but I hear the weather in Miami calls for some storms later in the week, and I’m actually pretty excited about that too. Something about stormy weather in a tropical place makes me feel ultra-calm.

Until, ya know, that stormy weather is a hurricane or something terrible *flashbacks to my childhood on the Florida coast.*

A light rain on the beach is so calming.

Make sure you’re following along on the Miami adventures on Instagram & Instagram stories ( & snap, if you’re dedicated to the cause: PAYTON_SARTAIN )!! Maybe I’ll vlog about it, too? We shall see.

K, talk soon. xx

Favorite summer lounge wear on a budget with Hustle and Halcyon

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