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Maintaining Your Spray Tan 101 ( & CUTE Post-Tan Suits! )

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Helllllo wienlettes.

It’s your head-wiener-girl-in-charge speaking.

LOL– okay, I’ll stop.

Before I get started on the tan talk, if you’re here for this fun lil one piece, make sure to scroll down to the bottom for outfit details! Otherwise, we’re talking bronzing.

So today’s post is, clearly, focussed on how to maintain your spray tan like a total faker pro. When it comes to tanning, fake is my favorite way to go. Basking in the sun covered in coconut oil sounds a little tempting ( because 1- it’s cheaper to tan out in the blazing sun, and 2- real tans don’t come off in 5 days ), but DON’T. YOU. DARE. DO. IT.

Your future, unwrinkled & perfect-complexioned self will thank you for it. AND your skin will be better RIGHT NOW because of it.

I can’t even explain to y’all how much my skin changed almost immediately when I started wearing sunscreen daily & avoiding being out in the sun for long periods of time.

I will admit, I do still enjoy a nice afternoon of sunbathing, but I only allow myself about an hour of tanning outside at a time ( & I ALWAYS wear sunscreen on my face! ). After that, you can find me in the shade, texting my favorite spray tan gal, On the Go Glow, to schedule my next in-home spray appointment.

If you live in LA, I DEFINITELY recommend you try out On The Go Glow for your next spray tan. Valerie, the girl behind it all, is SUCH a hustler. OTGG is open 24/7 & they come to YOU with their little in-home tanning set up.

This is NOT sponsored, BTW. All my my blogger girlfriends & I are so obsessed with OTGG, so I felt that I had to share Valerie’s operation with y’all. Another plus: the tan is organic, so your skin will thank you big time for going that route.

If you DON’T have access to a service like On The Go Glow, I recommend doing the MYSTIC tanning booth, specifically, at your local salon. I had a spray membership to Darque Tan in college ( RIP to paying $50/month to be always glowing… miss those Texas prices! ), and I definitely prefer the color of the Mystic over the Versa Spa spray.

That’s my cheap-o PRO TIP: MYSTIC TAN.

So, last time Valerie came over for our little apartment spray tan party ( literally… all the roomies running around the apartment, butt-ass naked while V bronzes our lives away, LOL ), I asked her a couple questions about prepping for and maintaining my glow post-spray.

Some of y’all have asked me questions about this in the past, so I figured I’d ask the expert ( kinda like I did when we discussed bikini waxing! ).

Before Your Tan

1. Exfoliation is KEY. I usually exfoliate using a super fine-grained body scrub ( I like this minty fresh one ) or with a regular loofah & soap.

2. Avoid lotions/deoderant/makeup/oils right before your tan! It was kind of surprising to me to hear that its better for your skin to be on the drier side ( ew, hate ) before spray tanning. I usually shower right before a spray tan, because I don’t want to walk around all day without deodorant or moisturizer on.

After Your Tan

1. Don’t use soap during your first post-tan shower. This is something I didn’t really know before. I usually get the express tan, so I shower 4 hours after getting bronzed. Valerie says to avoid soap when you shower the first time after getting sprayed, using only water to wash yourself off instead.

2. During your shower, wait until the water runs clear to get out.

3. No Scrubbing! Avoid exfoliants to keep your tan nice and even.

4. Moisturize! I always opt for an oil-free lotion after my post-tan shower. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated after a spray tan to avoid those NASTY scale-like dry skin legs.

Little White Bikini & Maintaining for Spray Tan x Hustle + Halcyon

Another PRO SPRAY TAN TIP: wear a cute, white bikini to show off your new bronze.

I’m obsessed with this one piece situation right now. I remember back in the day when one pieces were for Moms and people who were trying to be a little more modest.

The whole new sexxxxual take on that old one piece trend is killing me. This little white suit rivals the teeny bikini in the “could you possibly be wearing less fabric?” competition.

I freaking love it. The closest I can be to being naked, while remaining somewhat tasteful, is best. One pieces like this one are a blessing for yours truly ( as an undercover nudist, LOL ).

Mia Marcelle, the brand who makes this sassy white suit, was recently featured in Sports Illustrated ( so clearly, it’s not for the conservative types )! I lovvvvvvve their suits & beachy clothing so much. Again, not sponsored, just for real.

Shop The “Outfit”

Little White Bikini & Maintaining for Spray Tan x Hustle + Halcyon

So, I’m off to go on a little walk/jog & do DAY 2 of my girl Katie Austin’s 10-Day Guide, because I need to get just a little more in shape for my upcoming trip to Miami & the Bahamas for Fyre Festival! Need. To. Tone.

If y’all missed my latest post interviewing Katie on the ins-and-outs of getting lean, strong, & fit, definitely check that out HERE!

If you have something you need to tone up quick for ( or if you’re just looking to get in shape for summer ), I definitely recommend trying one of Katie’s guides! So affordable & straightforward and she basically just rocks as a human.

She even created a little 20% off discount code for H+H readers, so make sure to check that out here!

Spray tans, teeny swimsuits, & getting fit: can y’all tell I’m in SUMMER mode or what??

Talk soon, beebs.

Photos by Haley Rynn Ringo.


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