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Metallic Maxi

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Metallic, Deep Split Maxi | Hustle + Halcyon Metallic, Deep Split Maxi | Hustle + Halcyon

Wassup, beebuses?

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

I’ve been so busy with school & such lately that I can’t find that much time to do badass blog posts, so things have been a little slow on H+H in the last week. Finals & other life events are really cramping my style.

Anywho, I wanted to share this look with y’all today because, well, it’s badass.

Funny story: my California-based photographer, Claire, & I both FORGOT all about this metallic maxi look that we shot in Joshua Tree during our last shoot together IN JUNE ( we also played around with Free People ( here / here ) & a really cool vintage leather jacket ). We’re idiots. So, better late ( really, really late ) than never, I suppose.

Another funny story: we woke up at 4 AM to go out and catch the sun rising in the desert that morning. Watching the sunrise is really, really underrated to me. It is certainly a sight to see/experience to have, especially in the middle of the California desert… its so serene & the weather if just perfect ( as per usual ). I forget how much I love watching the sun rise until I’m actually watching the sun rise, ya know?

It’s kind of similar to how I feel about Oreos….. like, I forget how much I love them until I’m eating them ( & then the whole box is casually gone…. ).

Metallic, Deep Split Maxi | Hustle + Halcyon Metallic, Deep Split Maxi | Hustle + Halcyon

So you can add ‘Sunrises‘ and ‘Oreos‘ to my highly-curated list of ‘Things I Really Fucking Love.

Another behind-the-scenes funny: this dress required me forgo wearing a bra & underwear. So yeah, I was running around free-as-a-bird in the desert at 4 AM in 60-degree weather with my photographer/friend, taking pictures, and being delirious AF. Good Times.

I felt very Game of Thrones/ goddess/ warrior-esque TBH. I think I need to do that more often.

This dramatic maxi dress is pretty sweet for New Year’s Eve celebrating, if you ask me. I don’t have the link to this EXACT maxi, but below are a few similar dresses that might float your fancy. I’m preferring this whole metallic look over covering myself in sequins for NYE this year. I mean, flashy sequins are just a little predictable, don’t ya think?

If you find a look with a deep-v or a really accentuated side-boob situation ( like this one ), I would definitely plan ahead and invest in some nipple covers &/or fashion tape ( to secure the dress to the covers… no slippage! ).

Just trust me.

I am the MASTER of wearing dresses/tops that make people legitimately question if my whole boob is straight-up about to make a public appearance at the party. Nipple-covers ( i.e. ‘pasties’ ) & fashion tape are two of my best friends, wiener girls.

Being scandalous & a little questionable is one of my favorite activities. It makes me a little less bored, I guess.

So, what do y’all think? Do y’all LOVE or do y’all LOVE? ( Your only option is LOVE, btw ).

Cya, beebuses.

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Photos by Claire Huntsberger.

Metallic, Deep Split Maxi | Hustle + Halcyon Metallic, Deep Split Maxi | Hustle + Halcyon

1 Response
  • Daniela Reyes
    12 . 02 . 2015

    Love the photos and also the great story behind of them.