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My Ideal Facial, Featuring Microcurrent Technology

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A few weeks ago, I was enough to get a facial at the Joanna Vargas Spa at Sunset Tower here in Los Angeles.

It’s no secret that I’ve been having a difficult time taming my skin, and I’ve gone through a LOT in the last year attempting to do so. Now that my acne is clearing, I’m looking to facials that will help fade dark spots & add life back into my skin.

I’m going for that dewey, sun-kissed, radiant glow that Californians are supposed to be blessed with. That’s what we all want, right?

So, I’m here to talk about my favorite multi-step facial from JV: the Triple Crown Facial. The star player here is the microcurrent treatment, which is a game-changer as far as anti-aging.

my ideal facial steps

Microdermabrasion: with a diamond-tip. Microdermabrasion gently exfoliates your skin to remove dull, dead skin from the surface, as well as stimulating collagen production.

Cleanse: with a Vitamin C Wash. Vitamin C also helps to brighten the skin, lightening dark spots & sun spots over time.

Hydrating Serum: like Joanna Vargas’s Daily Serum to restore skin balance & resilience.

Microcurrent: my FAVORITE part! Microcurrent facial toning is like a workout for your face. It doesn’t feel like much while it’s happening, but this treatment helps to tone & firm your skin while visibly lifting & reducing puffiness. It’s lymphatic drainage to the MAX.

Eye Cream: because my eyes are the puffiest part of my face. JV’s Revitalizing Eye Cream is good for de-puffing & preventing signs of aging. The more hydrated the skin around my eyes can be, the better.

Eye Masks: before undergoing the next treatment, Joanna Vargas’s Bright Eye Firming Masks were applied to my eyes to sit for 10 minutes or so. These eye masks help to hydrate, stimulate collagen production, & prevent wrinkles.

Oxygen Treatment: because I’m HUGE on oxygen treatments. I would get an oxygen facial weekly if I could afford it. Oxygen treatments, well, oxygenate the skin to boost circulation, stimulate cell turnover, and leave the complexion plump and hydrated. You immediately appear 5 years younger, AT LEAST.

Hydrate: to lock in moisture. Joanna Vargas’s Rescue Serum contains both Vitamin C ( fights free radicals & prevents sun damage ) and Vitamin E ( softens skin ).

Sunscreen: because, duh.

Lip Balm: this one also doesn’t need much explanation.

I love multi-step facials like this, because I left feeling totally invigorated.

My face was feeling fresh, lifted, and NEW, plastic-surgery-style, honestly. It was like getting a mini face-lift and botox without actually having to do either of those things. Ideal.

Are y’all going to copy me?? Have any of y’all tried microcurrent before?? LMK if you do!

For those of you wanting to try out some Joanna Vargas products for yourself ( they’re HIGH QUALITY & they look cute on your counter ), my esthetician recommended the Daily Serum, the Exfoliating Mask, and the Eye Cream for starters.

I’ve been living off of both the serum & eye cream to brighten my skin lately. Highly recommend!

Talk soon, xx