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Mini Skirt + OTK Boot

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Mini Skirt + OTK Boot | Hustle + Halcyon

Hey wieners.

How’s life???

This weekend, I had the chance to attend another Create + Cultivate conference ( in Dallas this time ). If you are a woman in ( or looking to enter ) the creative business space ( or really any business space ), you MUST go to Create + Cultivate.

The Dallas conference featured panels, conversations, mentor sessions, mini tutorials, and more from some of the most badass women in business today.

We had a chance to learn about building a business/empire from girls like Annie Lawless of SUJA (recently featured on Forbes 30 under 30 & my personal hero, btw), the girlboss duo behind SoulCycle, Julianne Goldmark ( who started Emi Jay when she was 14 YEARS OLD ), Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere ( blogger, author, business woman ), the WhoWhatWear Team, and SO MANY MORE.

Career/life goals.

Should I do a recap/summary post of the weekend’s C+C? I got LOTS of good advice, so it only makes sense to share.

Mini Skirt + OTK Boot | Hustle + Halcyon Mini Skirt + OTK Boot | Hustle + Halcyon

Wooooohooo, I’m pumped about sharing another New York outfit! Last week’s faux fur jacket look was a hit.

I’ve been really into the mini skirt paired with over-the-knee boot thing this season ( find another one of my favorite outfits with this combo here ). It’s perfect for ‘cold’ weather, but it still has the scandalous/almost-hooker vibe that is so prominent in my wardrobe.

Sorry not sorry.

A few of you have asked about where to buy this lace-up bodysuit, so I’m going to link a couple in the little outfit/product slider at the bottom of this post. These bodysuits are so versatile, & the lace-up is one of my go-to styles, because it makes everything, yet again, a little more scandalous/sexy.

I really like this style with cut-off shorts, too.


Mini Skirt + OTK Boot | Hustle + Halcyon Mini Skirt + OTK Boot | Hustle + Halcyon

Some H+H announcements for this week:

♥ I’m currently working on the Hustle + Halcyon iPhone App that will hopefully be available in the app store very soon. Obviously, it’ll be free!

♥ I’m putting together a quick Instagram giveaway for a cutie little white & gold necklace on Tuesday, so make sure you’re following for details!

♥ Starting very soon, I will be a contributing articles to Bond Twenty ( a badass website for young women ) focussed on blogging & social media, internships, and more ( because I get lots of questions on this stuff! ). I actually met the brilliant beebus behind this website at the Create + Cultivate conference that I attended in Los Angeles early last year. UGH, C+C rocks my world.

Mini Skirt + OTK Boot | Hustle + Halcyon Mini Skirt + OTK Boot | Hustle + Halcyon

Photos by Demi Ward.

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