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Holiday with Nasty Gal

Blogger Payton Sartain in Nasty Gal Holiday

It’s no secret I like to spice things up a bit when it comes to my style. So much so that my mother nearly banned me from attending holiday festivities with the family due to some harmless fishnet-action in last year’s look ( please see cute-ass look here ).

I understand that fishnets aren’t exactly CONSERVATIVE, but they were too cute NOT to wear with my more modest outfit ( & they looked bomb, sorry not sorry. )

Since starting my blog a couple of years ago, I’ve really been able to come into my own in regards to my personal style. Coming from a more conservative background, I started blogging about style & lifestyle from a place that was more representative of the world around me, rather than representative of myself.

Hustle + Halcyon has given me the freedom to explore my own sense of style, as well as my personality, and it’s been SUCH an important part of my transformation from college kid to grown-ass woman in the last two years or so. I know many of y’all have blogs ( or are wanting to start one or get involved in something creative ) so I wanted to address that here.

Having a platform to express yourself AS WELL AS discover yourself is so important, in my opinion. Whether its photography, painting, drawing, writing, music, modeling ( or whatever else ), I highly recommend having a creative outlet for yourself. It’s SO MUCH FUN.

More specifically, H+H has instilled a confidence in me ( that I’m still working on daily ) that I severely lacked in my earlier/teenage years. In the past, I tried to tone myself down a bit. I wore what everyone else was wearing & acted like I enjoyed the things that everyone else was doing.

I started blogging my second year of college, and I began coming into my own shortly thereafter. Like I said, I’m still working on my confidence ( because doesn’t EVERYONE struggle with this?? ), but allowing myself to become more unapologetic on the OUTSIDE has totally affected how I feel on the INSIDE.

If that means I’m feeling sexy & wanting to wear something a little more revealing, I fucking do it. I don’t do it for dudes ( because, honestly, girls can get cat-called/attention while wearing sweatpants, lets be real ), I do it for myself. It’s fucking FUN to be sexy sometimes, especially when you’re going out for a drink with your girls or heading to a party ( holiday/NYE parties, helllllo ).

I’m always in for girls expressing their style or showing off their BOMB bodies on occasion. Celebrate yourself, babes! You’re all so hot! My only restrictive suggestion: don’t show EVERYTHING at once. Choose what you’re going to flaunt, and flaunt the hell out of that thing.

( unless you’re in a swimsuit, which is a rare occasion where you just GO FOR IT. )

When it comes to trendy, HOT going-out clothes y’all are going to freakin’ ROCK this holiday season, my go-to is Nasty Gal. Y’all know this. This isn’t new information.

BTW: All new arrivals are HALF OFF rn with code TAKE50, so take this tip as a holiday gift from me to you, babes. Whether you’re shopping for New Years or holiday parties, you’ll find something you like at Nasty Gal. I promise. Keeping scrolling to find some of my favorite vibrant/holiday-themed selects.

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Blogger Hustle + Halcyon in Nasty Gal Holiday

Who else is ready to parttttty this holiday season?? Bring on the galas, cocktail hours, and feasts, people!

Do any of y’all like to spice it up when it comes to special events/going out? Please tell me yes. Also, defffff love seeing all of the outfits yall snap me on the weekends! Proud of y’all ( & how hot you all are, obviously ). I have the best readers in the game.

Happy holiday shopping, babes! As per new H+H sign-off, I’ll leave y’all with a lil inspo for the road:

How to become a storm: Love yourself so much that you laugh with pity in the face of anyone who tries to throw cruelty and negativity in your face.

How to start a wildfire: encourage other women with hearts like yours to do the same

– Nikita Gill

Talk soon, beebs. xx

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