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Creating a Sweet & Festive Spread for New Year’s Eve

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Creating a Sweet & Festive New Year's Eve Spread | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Hey beebs.

First off, I turned 22 years old today! This birthday has been extremely different from previous birthdays.

For reference: my 21st Birthday excursion to Las Vegas with friends & family to see Britney Spears, spend NYE with Drake, go to loud/crazy clubs, dress like a girl in a rap video, & drank/eat my way through the desert playground.

Today, the birthday festivities are as follows:

1. Wake up at 11 AM
2. Drink my daily Cinnamon/Coconut/Agave Coffee ( see snapchat, payton_sartain, for details ) & about a gallon of detox water (also on snap!).
3. Talk with my Grandma for hours about the general state of humanity, various writers that we like ( Chuck Palahniuk, you guys ), & the water crisis.
4. Sit at my favorite local coffee shop ( Avoca Coffee in Fort Worth, TX ) & blog/finish my resume/browse Pinterest with my Hemp Milk Latte. *lol tho, they’re playing Drake on repeat in this coffee shop rn*
5. Go to the gym to workout, sauna & steam.
6. Watch Texas A&M Football while stuffing my face.

Can I just say… I’ve never been happier. I’ve always done what I thought I was supposed to do on birthdays ( i.e. go out, force myself to “celebrate” being a year older in some way, etc. ), & I’m starting to wonder why I thought that was necessary.

My 22nd birthday celebration is perfect for me. I’m going to make boring ass birthdays a ‘thing’ now. I freakin’ love them, TBH.

I feel like I’m setting myself up for a responsible, productive, good-vibe-filled 22nd year on earth.

OMG– does this mean I’m getting older & more mature?

I’m scared.

Creating a Sweet & Festive New Year's Eve Spread | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Similar to my birthday “celebration” ( if you can call it that ), I’ll be ringing in the New Year in a calm fashion this year ( FLASHBACK to watching Drake count down the New Year on stage at the Marquee Night Club in Vegas, wearing 6-inch heels & enough makeup to mask a serial killer, and being squished & stuck in a sweaty crowd ).

Yes, I’ll take sitting at home with my family, a fire, & some snackage. Please & Thank You.

So, instead of finding my entertainment in a club, I’ll be focussing all of my attention of setting up the most STELLAR & FESTIVE snack spread ever for New Year’s Eve ‘partying.’

Enter: sweet & salty popcorn made by the hands of a God ( or Goddess, w/e ).

I would like to HONESTLY say: Pop Works & Company‘s various sweet/fancy gourmet popcorns are really & truly the most amazing sweet treats like this I’ve ever had.

I cannot tell a lie. Another honest tidbit: I almost didn’t have any popcorn left to take pictures of for this post because I kept eating it. I tried to eat only a little from each flavor when I wanted a sweet treat, & that took some major discipline. Y’all… it’s just really that indulgent.

Ya know when you eat something so mouthwatering that you have to vocalize how incredible the experience of eating it is? Well, that was me… by myself… in my kitchen… in the dark… at 2 AM… sneaking popcorn. My dog was like… * what is happening *. As usual.

So, Pop Works & Company pops this super airy, light popcorn and then glazes/drizzles/sprinkles sweetness over it to create their three flavors: Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel & Fudge, and Birthday Cake.

Most of my friends/fam said the Cookies & Cream flavor was their favorite, but I would run through fire naked for a handful of that Salted Caramel & Fudge, tho.

Creating a Sweet & Festive New Year's Eve Spread | www.hustleandhalcyon.com Creating a Sweet & Festive New Year's Eve Spread | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Pop Works & Company sells exclusively online, and you can choose your flavors separately or create a custom box of your own. This ‘Pop Box’ ( what I got ) is $15.99 and you can fill it with all three flavors or mix and match. It’s really whatever you’re feelin’.

That’s all you do. It’s ready-to-eat, so step 1: order, step 2: eat. You don’t even really have to share or save it for later. You can snag it from your delivery man’s hands, rip that ish open, & go for it right there next to your mailbox. I prefer this method.

I’m LUCKY enough to have some of this saved for my ‘NYE Fam & Friends Stay-In Party’.

For the rest of my spread, I’ll put together a little cheese/meat plate like I did for my holiday party with my friends, and, actually, I’m kind of feeling some taco action.

The most random food spread ever. Hey, you gotta celebrate the New Year YOUR way. This sets the stage for the REST of 2016. You can bet there will be tacos, even if that is the weirdest combination of foods in existence. IDGAF.

Taco, Popcorn and Fancy Cheese Plate Party. Who wants to join?

Sooo what are you people up to this NYE? Please send crazy/exciting snaps my way as I’m stuffing my face & watching my little brother ride is new hover-skateboard thing ( what are those called? ).

Also, what’s your New Year’s resolution? Mine is to be more intentional. I’ll make a post about this soon!

Later, lovers. x

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