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New Year’s Resolution: BE MORE INTENTIONAL

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My New Year's Resolution to be MORE INTENTIONAL: The importance of being intentional in all areas of your life | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Hello Wiener Girls.

How was everyones’ New Year’s celebrations? I was somewhat ‘boring’ this year, & TBH, I had the best New Year’s ever. I feel like my night spent IN with family/friends/tacos & red wine really set the tone for the year to come. Good vibes, good vibes.

So, New Year’s resolution time.

Resolutions are humorous to me. New Year’s resolutions, in particular, are kind of blah, blah, blah, whatever. We all make a resolutions to be better humans, and usually go back to our more realistic lifestyles within the first month of the year. Boring, pointless, boring. Whoops.

However, because I am so restless/anxious/easily-bored, I am constantly starting something new. Really…. I feel like I do the whole New Year’s resolution on a weekly basis. I am, at all times, making promises to myself to improve some area of my life or starting anew in some way.

I gotta keep myself on my toes, I guess. BUT guess how often any of these goals/resolutions actually pan out well? Meh.

Last month, as I jotted down my list of resolutions ( in fitness/health, blogging, work life, personal life, etc. ), I started to wonder why I needed a list of 15 resolutions. Yes, I can definitely improve myself in many, MANY ways, but in order to really stick to a resolution, I realized that I need to narrow it down. Focus.

Look Into The Sun (x Free People) // Hustle + Halcyon

It was obvious that I needed to be more intentional with my New Year’s resolution… which is exactly what brought me to my over-arching, all-inclusive New Year’s resolution:


People who really know me are like….. ‘Um, you’re trying to be MORE intentional….?‘ because I’m already careful with my time & focus.

I like to spend time directed at the things that better me & that make me happy ( i.e. exercising, reading, blogging, spending time with people that have opinions/goals/a focus, etc. ) , and I have very little patience for things that waste my valuable time ( i.e. pointless gossip, meaningless conversation, insecure/douche bag boys, etc. ). By ‘very little patience,’ I mean that it physically pains me to waste 1 second doing such things.

Intentionality is everything. So,  I’m aiming to be more intentional in every area of my life ( LOL, I have one resolution that can be summed up in a single word, but it applies to everything… is that cheating? ).

One of my all-time-favorite, simple-but-eye-opening quotes comes to mind:

My New Year's Resolution to be MORE INTENTIONAL: The importance of being intentional in all areas of your life | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Intentionality with my Time:
Oftentimes, I’ll sit at a coffee shop to blog/work, and I’ll end up spending the first 30 minutes on Pinterest, Facebook, watching YouTube videos. Anyone else relate to this? *Everyone raises hand* This year, I am going to try to be more directed, purposeful, & intentional with my time. There is always a time for browsing social media, watching Netflix, looking at YouTube tutorials, but it’s not during ‘productivity’ time.

Plus, when you spend more energy being directed & purposeful, you obviously get way more work done in less time. Efficiency is key.

Intentionality in Blogging:
Hustle + Halcyon turns 1 year old this month, & I couldn’t be happier with the progress that has been made here this year. I’ve met some smart/incredible girls, been able to communicate with you guys through posts & social media, learned a WHOLE LOT ( mostly through readers! ), developed a blogging style ( looking back at old posts… *cringe* ) & so much more.

2016 is a whole new chapter for H+H. I’d like to spend more time writing about the little things that matter a lot to me alongside sharing the usual recipes, outfits, etc. I want to continue to ensure purpose & authenticity behind each post, Instagram photo, collaboration opportunity, etc.

Being intentional in regards to Hustle + Halcyon is so, SO important to me.

Intentionality in Relationships:
I think this one could be included in the ‘time’ category, actually.

I’ve always preferred to have a couple BEST friends rather than having a number of Facebook-style ‘friends’.

I don’t put up with shit-talk, backstabbing, people who talk about trivial, idiotic things, etc., so this type of weeding-out leaves my teeny circle of friends to be filled with seriously-badass, fun-as-hell, maybe kind of WILD girls and friendships that transcend social acceptance ( AKA: we would totally publicly punch someone in the face for each other ).

I’m going to continue to focus on being intentional in where I invest myself as far as friendships, because the types of friendships cultivated as a result are supportive & genuine, and they better everyone involved. My friends & I may not be the most popular ( or socially-acceptable, LOL ) but I couldn’t care any less… they have good intentions, they’re ambitious, & they don’t have time to deal with any shit. S/O to my friends/fam, y’all are truly #1.

Also, I feel like I should mention something about dating/sexual relationships here. Intentionality with my time/alotting time to spend with my friends & family doesn’t usually allow extra hours in the day to be spent with some dude. I’m careful with the types of boys that I allow to fill this time, whether it is in-person or through texting/phone conversation ( because honestly, I’d rather be blogging ). Usually, I just don’t date/text/mess around with any of that ( #SINGLE4LIFE ), but this prob isn’t the best way to handle that either.

Girls will be girls, & I am NO exception. We are all a little love-crazy at times. I hope that all of you ( also addressing myself here ) can continue to NOT settle & to NOT give your time to boys that make you feel less like yourself ( even if they are attractive, successful, kind, focussed, etc. ). Trust me, I know being ‘alone’ can be lonely/leave you a feeling pitiful ( especially if all of your friends have boyfriends.. SOML ), but it’s better than wasting your energy.

It’s way more important ( to me, at least ) to be intentional with my time enough to value it & to give it only to people who make me feel like a baller/think about things differently/love myself more, etc.

Let’s not fuck with the Fuckboys in 2016, okay?

Actually, let’s not fuck with any FuckPEOPLE in 2016. Please refer to this tweet to get a mental image of my life rn.

So are y’all sick of the word ‘intentional,’ yet?


What are you peoples’ New Years resolutions? Anyone want to work on being more intentional with me?

Share, please! & HAPPY 2016!


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4 Responses
  • Megan
    01 . 03 . 2016

    I love reading H&H, Peyton!! I feel we are so similar in so many ways. Keep on with your bad self. XOXO

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      01 . 09 . 2016

      Thank you, thank you!! You too, beebus.

  • White Eyelet | Flynn Skye
    06 . 24 . 2016

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