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& Finally, A New York Fashion Week Recap

& After a few short weeks of procrastination, here is my New York Fashion Week recap for those of you who want to know more about the highlights of fashion week, including some of my favorite things to do in New York at any time of year.

There is something about New York that makes me feel so alive, as it does for many. There’s an energy to be felt walking around Soho in the evening, headphones in, bopping along amongst people going to dinner & drinks, getting off of work, or simply running errands. I’m obsessed.

In terms of Fashion Week events/shows, I kept my commitments light this year, as it had been awhile since I had been in the city, and I wanted to spend time seeing friends, wining/dining, & getting lost in the city. Also, Claire ( my photographer/roommate ) & I blocked out two whole days to shoot new projects.

I discovered a handful of new spots, revisited old favorites, saw a number of hometown friends, ate a little too much, drank a little too much, & took part in fashion week festivities during my time in New York. I’m detailing the highlights in this post for y’all, from rooftop cocktail hours, to restaurants, to learning to take the subway.

new york fashion week must-haves

First things first, let’s start with some of my new york fashion week must-haves. I found myself returning to these clothing & accessory staples every day.

This fashion week, I brought along some of my must-have items, including statement sneakers, red vegan leather pants ( SO affordable, actually ), a leopard-print kimono, & a simple black bag.

Gucci Sneakers via FarFetch

new york fashion week shows & event highlights

Beaufille: Friday morning, I headed to my first show, the Beaufille show with Redken. I met up with some friends ( & the Redken team ) backstage to view the collection, as well as the hair & makeup. Beaufille is all about feminine vibes with a sleek, masculine touch.

Bollare Gifting Suite: After Friday morning’s show, I went directly to a gifting suite with one of my favorite PR companies, Bollare. Basically, at gifting suites, bloggers/influencers preview new product from brands that the PR companies work with ( this time it was Wrangler, Vans, Sunday Somewhere, PrettyLittleThing, etc. ) & choose a few things to take home/shoot/share with their audience. I know, my life is hard.

rewardStyle Rooftop Cocktails: Friday afternoon, we headed to hang with our rewardStyle family ( BTW: rewardStyle is a company that bloggers work with for collaborations & sponsorships. AKA: they’re a huge part of the reason that I’m able to blog as a full-time job! ), sipping champagne with some stunning city views.

COS Bar Makeover: Before my Saturday night show with Kalani Hilliker, I headed to COS bar ( an H+H favorite, I frequent the Brentwood location here in LA ) to get my makeup done. Something about having someone else do my makeup is SO indulgent. My makeup artist used all Tom Ford products to create a navy smokey eye.

La Marca Prosecco X Vogue Brunch: I had the chance to meet SO many fellow bloggers ( many of them Texas girls! ) over macaroons, champagne, & savory treats with Vogue on Sunday morning.

Free People X Vogue Cocktail Hour: Sunday evening, we rounded out the week with Pressed Juicery cocktails, Free People’s new fall line, & more amazing company on a sick rooftop. Hanging out with Vogue is always one of my favorite parts of fashion week; they’re SO nice & welcoming every year.

Badgley Mischka Show: Before the show, we headed backstage to preview the collection & see hair and makeup. This was a unique opportunity for us ( myself, Kristen, & my friend Sage ) to meet Badgely Mischka’s designers, a few models, & some of the companies higher-ups. Having the chance to come face-to-face with these people is 1) incredibly important in building relationships with the brand & 2) such an amazing experience, because they’re so damn cool.


A kind of healthy, kind of not post-shoot meal with @ClaireHuntsberger

new york fashion week food & drink highlights

Jack’s Wife Frieda: I frequented this spot during fashion week because it’s always a solid go-to. Brunch/lunch is quick & the menu is divine. There are two locations ( maybe more, but I only know the two ) in NYC, so def stop by one close to you if you go!

byChloe: This vegan restaurant is KILLER. They make vegan food taste not-so-vegan with lots of gluten-free options, too. I love the mac & cheese and the seasonal lemonade ( they had cinnamon lemonade when I was there, and I had to stop by a few times to get my fix ). They also have seasonal cocktails & a ton of grab-&-go options.

Mercer Kitchen: ALWAYS my TOP. I make a point to eat at Mercer every time I’m in New York. I always order the salmon with mashed potatoes & asparagus, and I never skip dessert!

Catch: This boujee-ass spot is so worth it, in my opinion. Claire & I started with skinny margaritas & some apps, then moved on to sushi ( LOL, weird combo, I know ). We walked in without a reservation & were seated immediately, but if you have a larger party, I’d make a rez!

Soho House: If you know someone who is a member here, it’s a must! I had the best burger of my life here ( granted, I was drunk AF, so maybe don’t trust me that much ) & the SPICY PICANTE MARGS ARE LIFE. I could drink those all damn day.

Crosby St. Hotel: I grabbed drinks at this Soho spot on Friday evening with my rewardStyle rep ( AKA: my blogging angel ), Allie, and its SUCH a cute spot for happy hour. I got a spicy margarita ( as per usual ), and some apps.

Wearing a For Love & Lemons mini while sweating ballllls in Soho

My bestie, @HighEndHippie, & I after the Badgley Mischka show ( her boots are from Public Desire, btw ).

new york fashion week “other” highlights

Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books: As some of you know, I’m a sucker for modern American literature &/or ironic books about politics ( I studied politics in college & have since developed a cynical sense of humor about the whole mess ). In Soho, Claire & I came across a book store LOADED with books in both of the above categories. I bought a million books, as per usual, including two political satires & one Kurt Vonnegut speech compilation. The man running the store is SUCH a character, too. You have to go.

The Mask Store: This is a skincare geek’s DREAMLAND. This whole store is dedicated to face masks, with an emphasis on sheet masks ( my FAVORITE ). I spent way too much money in this store, collecting some of my go-to masks ( hydration & firming masks that come in hand why traveling ) & picked up a couple new ones to try. It’s in Soho, super close to the bookstore mentioned above. Y’all have GOT to go.

The Subway: EEEK, I finally ( & somewhat successfully ) learned how to navigate the underground world that is the New York subway. I can’t say it’s the cleanest way to get around, but it IS the quickest & cheapest way to navigate the city.

Times Square: I, also, finally made it to Times Square long enough to soak it all in, which made me realize how much I never want to go back. Claire & I shot a look here one night ( after a few too many margs at Catch & getting lost in the subway ) and it was magical in one of those disorienting ways. Maybe it was the lights, maybe it was the margs, idk.

The Vintage Twin: I didn’t actually buy anything at this store, because I didn’t have much time to shop ( &, let’s be honest, after spending all of my money on food, I didn’t have much left for clothing ). BUT— the product selection at both locations I went to ( main location & the pop-up shop ) was highly curated & super cute.

West Side Highway: I didn’t get much of an opportunity to work out while in NYC, but I did have the chance to run along the West Side highway one morning ( its right next to my friend, Sophie’s, place, where I was staying during my time in NYC ). It’s really pretty & a great place to run/jog outside without having to stop every 5 seconds for cars/pedestrians.

Taco bowl & the black bean burger from byChloe ( with CINNAMON LEMONADE, so yum! )

My unique Prada bag from Tradesy!

I meant to film a fashion week blog during my time in New York, but things got a little crazy & I ended up forgetting to film A LOT. Sorry about that, loves.

I’m always so grateful to have the ability to experience a time like fashion week in a city like New York, surrounded by my friends & fellow bloggers. It’s such a humbling experience ( FYI: the fashion world with humble the fuck out of you, especially if you’re a baby blogger like me ) while also being inspiring and incredibly motivating.

On another note, I’m headed home to Texas right now ( currently posting on the plane! ) to spend some time with family & friends in my hometown, Fort Worth. This weekend, I’ll be heading to College Station to spend a couple nights in my college town with a couple of friends for the game on Saturday.

I can’t wait!!! I promise I’ll try to vlog my experience at home, because it’s always a TRIP.

In the wake of the upsetting news regarding the tragedy in Vegas, stay safe! There’s no better time to remind each and every one of you that I’m so grateful for the life the readers of H+H have given me! Y’all are all so special to me.

Everyone stay safe & look after each other! My love goes out to those affected by what transpired in Vegas. Love y’all.

Talk soon. x

Simple look from Forever 21, for running around NYC on a Saturday!

9 Responses
  • Kate
    10 . 03 . 2017

    Love your outfits *heart eyes* and yes please post about your leopard print faves! I’d so be into that. So happy you had a great time here in nyc! I’m going to have to venture over to Soho more to check out some of these places. 🙂

    • paytonsartain
      10 . 05 . 2017

      I will do that! Thanks for the love, beeb!

  • Ewa Macherowska
    10 . 03 . 2017

    Lovely post! 😉


  • Tomi
    10 . 03 . 2017

    I feel like everyone has the same reaction when it comes to Times Square! Haha. Definitely a one and done kind of thing. Loved your post!

    xx, Tomi

    • paytonsartain
      10 . 05 . 2017

      Thank you, love!

  • personal stylist NYC
    10 . 11 . 2017

    Hey gorgeous! Your outfits are so damn awesome! You look so pretty damn hot with those outfits.

    I really love your post.